Solstice Scents Haul Part 621

Since there is a brief lull in between seasonal releases from Solstice Scents, I recently used the opportunity to buy some products that I'd been wanting to try, and also some that were on clearance. So this is totally it until the spring release. I got my tax refund a few weeks ago so I've had a little more discretionary spending money at my disposal, so that's been nice. Consequently, I have a few more hauls to share with you in the next week or so.

Here's what I got:
Enchanted Forest Dead Sea Salt Oatmeal Milk Bath
Rosemilk Day Lotion
Exquisite Antioxidant Face Mask
Ganache in Flintlock
Whipped Soap in Flintlock
Gehenna Perfume
Perfume sample in Moonlight on the Grove

I saw Gehenna on clearance and I had to have it. I already have the glace, but this is a very powerful, intense scent, and I wanted to have more control over how much I used, so I got the perfume. It is the perfect sexy summer night scent.

I wasn't much for Moonlight on the Grove, which is pretty much straight-up jasmine. It's not bad, just a little too one dimensional for me.

I went though a week or so of wanting to smell like wood smoke, so I got some Flintlock, and all my dreams came true. G, who had initially not liked it, suddenly decided he did. Cursed Ohio weather and allergies, wreaking havoc on the poor dear's smeller!

I love these bath salts! So fresh and invigorating, extremely green smelling. This is going to sound odd, but when I first smelled it, underneath the woodsy green smell, I caught a very faint whiff of my favorite meal on the planet, Massaman curry. Thought I was going nuts, until I realized two ingredients in the salts are coconut and lemongrass! Don't let this turn you off, it doesn't actually smell like curry. I don't know why I even mention it, other than it was mildly amusing to me. Moving on...

This face mask in its dry form smells and looks similar to the oatmeal mask, except there is just a touch of cocoa, plus vanilla bean flecks! Once you add water though, it turns into this yummy chocolate cake batter consistency, good for slathering on and scaring your significant other when they least expect it. The chocolate smell is not strong, remember, this is just cocoa powder, the real thing and not some artificial chocolate-like concoction. Wonderful stuff.

This lotion is awesome! I love the rose scent (which is not overpowering) and it is light enough that I will be able to use it in summer. It soaks right in and doesn't feel greasy. It feels quite gentle and my skin has not had any unhappy reactions, which pleasantly surprised me. Plus, you get 2 ounces of face lotion for around 8 dollars, which is a steal.

That's all for today, and thanks for reading!

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  1. I have been waiting for SS to release the new spring collection! I can't wait to try some new stuff from them! But yay for pickup up some stuff in the meantime to check out! I hear the EF bath soak is awesome! I agree with you on Moonlight on the Grove, was a bit too much jasmine for me.


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