Spa Day, Foundation Question, and Some More Morgana

I've decided to cram about three posts worth of stuff into one post today, just because I can.

This past weekend I went for a little spa day. I got my hair cut and my eyebrows shaped, and then I colored my hair too. I go to an Aveda salon, and I always have a great time there. They really take their time and the oils and products they use smell fantastic, too.

Here's me the morning of my not straightened, no eye makeup.

And here's after everything:

Nothing too dramatic but it turned out well. My usual stylist wasn't available and I really needed a cut so I went to someone new. I was a little worried she'd hack-n-whack me but I think she did a great job. Plus she was personable, not too chatty but not awkward-silent either. It's a fine line. Going to the salon is a treat for me and I don't want to feel like I have to talk to entertain them, I like to talk for a minute and then zone out and relax, and then talk again when I feel like it. She was good at following my lead.

I colored my hair more red then usual, and I'd forgotten how much I love it. I used to have really red hair, as you can see in my super awesome pictures from my high school days here. What I used this time was a warmer, darker reddish brown, but I think it works.

Next item on the agenda: more Morgana Cryptoria goodies!
Here's what I got:
discontinued lipstick in Gilded Ballerina
Gel lipsticks in Violet Coral
and Willow

The first thing I noticed was the gel lipstick label had changed. The clear label which had been on my gel lipsticks from my previous order had been replaced with a metallic foil kind of label which seems to adhere much better, and is easier to read. Yay!

I feel a little bad showing Gilded Ballerina, as it's been discontinued and I'd been wanting it forever. I was so happy to see it go on sale, not so happy to see it going bye-bye. It's my first real lipstick from Morgana and I love it! Very creamy and the color is easy to layer. And this color...swoon!

And here are swatches of each color:

Willow, if over applied, veers into mid-90's bad brown lipstick territory, but with a light hand it will make a good autumnal color. I probably won't wear it much now that spring seems to have arrived. But Violet Coral. OMG. It has blue sparkles people, and it is glorious. I'm wearing it in the "after" spa day pictures.

And here are some pictures of the colors on. Funny thing, I took these in three different places and in each one my skin tone looks totally different.

Gilded Ballerina at my parent's place

Willow in my kitchen under florescent lights
Violet Coral by my living room window

Which brings me to my final topic of the day. Has anybody tried Make Up For Ever's HD Invisible Cover Foundation? I got a sample of it in 115 and tested it with my beautyblender the other day, and I'm conflicted. I really liked it and it covered very well, so well I actually didn't need any concealer (admittedly it was a good skin day, still...). But I'm not sure if it is worth the 40 dollar price tag. It covered more easily than the Revlon Photoready in Vanilla I've been using, and I have seen them touted as somewhat comparable. I'm also not sure if the 115 is too dark for me. Following are some pictures of me with it on. I took them in an unusual spot (at my parents apartment) so the light may have just been different, and while I did use a flash for the first two, I have no idea why I look super dark (for me) in the first two. Flash usually makes me even paler. Weird. The last one without flash seems pretty natural. In fact, I didn't do anything to these three pictures at all. No tinkering with saturation, brightness, sharpness, no editing or erasing any blemishes at all ,which sort of impresses me. It photographs surprisingly well. Still, 40 bucks. It makes me a little twitchy.

So have you tried it? Do you think it's worth it?

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  1. Love your hair! I've been so wanting to cut my hair short again! Im holding out til the end of summer tondo it! Gilded Ballerina is discontinued?! No! That is my favorite Morgana color! And sorry, haven't tried the foundation, so I don't have any advice on it.

  2. Thanks Peach! Short hair just works for me. I used to fight it but I've come to accept it. Stylists always say I have really fine hair, but tons of it, so if it gets too long it just gets heavy on me. It used to be really long though, and was just a hassle to keep up. Yeah, Gilded Ballerina was on clearance in the discontinued section recently. Not sure if she will bring it back or reformulate it, it seems like it was quite popular. I think I'm going to try to get another sample of the foundation from Sephora so I can get a better feel for it.

  3. Your hair is just fabulous! You look gorgeous in all of these photos.


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