When it Rains....

It pours. So the saying goes. This post can also be called UGH  part 2. So I wrote in my initial "ugh" post that my mom was admitted to the hospital due to bariatric starvation in January. She was released on a "watch and see" basis, and the watching proved that she was not getting any better, in fact, getting worse. Her nutritional imbalances caused a host of fun side effects, like her legs swelling painfully and then peeling like she had suffered a nasty sun burn. And she continued to lose weight, less than 100 pounds, and it wasn't pretty. So earlier this month she went back for another week, and this time they did fit her with a feeding tube, which she only has to use at night. This is good, because she can still eat regular food too and can move around easily enough. She got out a couple weeks ago and she seems *fingers crossed* to be in better spirits and is feeling a little better.

Ah, but this is where the "ugh" part 2 comes in. My dad, I may have mentioned before, has terribly bad knees and can barely walk, and has been needing them replaced for the longest. Things just kept getting in the way: waiting for disability to be approved, mom getting sick, blah, blah, blah. This past Saturday night G and I get a call while we were out from my dad, telling me that he is in the grocery store parking lot, and can't move. He heard his leg snap as he moved to get out of the van to pick up some prescriptions for my mom, blacked out for a minute, and now it hurts excruciatingly to move. I'm pretty distressed, so we drive from 30 minutes away and find him in the parking lot. He's not going anywhere, so we go ahead and get mom's medicine and then call 911. The EMTs arrive and have to lift him from the van to a stretcher, which was also not pretty. Hearing your parent scream in pain like that...not good. At this point he only thinks he did something bad to his already ravaged knee, but once he gets inspected he's told that he's broken his femur. Getting out of the van. No falling, just moving to get out. So he's in the hospital now, and it's been determined that his bones are too weak to support a knee replacement right now, which disappoints me because I was hoping he could just get it done rather than having to go through a painful healing process twice. Anyway, they have to build him back up because he was also calcium deficient and plus the time spent on knees with no cartilage, bone-on-bone, just wore him down. He's going to be moved to a convalescent home today so he can get physical therapy. And from there...we'll see.

Mom is holding up well, considering that self-sufficiency does not come easily and she is prone to complete mental instability. Maybe this physical scare (both dad's and her own) has perhaps been a wake up call to start mending the things in her life that are broken while she can. I hope.

So, lesson for the kiddies? Try to enjoy something every day and take care of yourselves, because you just never know. That is all.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear this :( I hope everything has calmed down for a bit now. Is awesome you are able to be there for your parents. And my dad reminds me on a regular basis that it sucks to get old :(

  2. I'm sorry both your parents are having health issues. I'm sending out good wishes to you and your family.

  3. Thanks you guys! He's in a convalescent home now and will probably be there for a couple weeks. He seems to be in good spirits considering. You reminded me of something Peach, my dad always says he's "just going to sit down for a bit 'till my meds kick in." He says we should just put that on his tombstone. We like gallows humor like that ;)

  4. Sorry hear! I hope things start looking up for you and your family. I think the most painful thing is seeing your parents get old and sometimes there is nothing much you can do, I hate that :(

  5. @Su: Thanks so much :) I think the worse part is being an only child, no one to really commiserate with or share the burden (except G, who helps alot and has dealt with more than his fair share of my family craziness, lol!)


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