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Hello all! I am just now starting to feel human again, not 100% but better than I was, and not a moment too soon, as I turn 31 (gah!) tomorrow. And I certainly couldn't leave for Amish country without sharing my Birchbox!

I upgraded last month from being a monthly member to a yearly member. There were a few advantages to this. First, you pay $110.00 for a year, so you get a month free. Then, you also get 110 Birchbox points, whereas with a monthly sub you only get 10 upfront, and no more for subsequent months. Since I had a little extra cash from my tax refund, I am glad I put it towards something I was going to continue purchasing anyway, only I don't have to worry about that ten dollars coming out every month for a year.

Er, only I did.

Part of the impetus for upgrading was that I received a promotion email, offering me 100 additional Birchbox points, on top of the 110. So, a righteous deal. For some reason though the website would not let me upgrade online (some sort of technical glitch I can't really explain) so I called to do it, explained that I was upgrading to replace my monthly sub, that I was using the promotion code, blah, blah, blah. I got the bonus points fine, and the $110.00 was charged to my credit card, but then, first of the month comes, and what do I see? Yep, a monthly charge. Grrr. I emailed customer service and three days later I received an apology and an assurance that the charge would be reversed and the monthly sub properly cancelled. The monthly sub in my account profile now says closed, and the charge was indeed reversed, so all is right with the world.

One more little thing. Part of the promotion was that you would get a special "pink Birchbox" for upgrading. A pink Birchbox is not really all that different from regular boxes, there might be one extra product, oh, and it's pink. So I assumed I would be getting this box, which actually looked really good to me:
Photo from Birchbox site

So being sick for over a week made me a little grumpy and a bit bummed when I got this box instead:

"But, Liber Vix", you say, "that's a full size Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Tint you've got there, valued at $24.00 dollars alone." And to that I say, why, yes, you're right. I got over my initial disappointment quite quickly, because this little baby rocks!

This has been fan-bloody-tastic for my lips, and while it looks really orange (the shade name is Joy), it doesn't apply that way at all:

Yeah, that's me a few days ago, still sick and unable to wear my contacts or eye makeup. I got this shot in between hacking and coughing and feeling generally very icky. Boo hoo. But my lips look nice!

The Microdermamitt is also a full size product which costs $28.50. I'm an exfoliation nut so this will come in handy!

The Wonderstruck perfume...meh. It's pleasant, but like any number of perfumes I've smelled in the past, not incredibly unique or memorable. Very cutesy and sweet, a bit precious. I'm sort of a snob when it comes to celebrity perfumes. Unless I really love a person, I do not want to wear their name, in olfactory or any other fashion. I know that's a little silly, but whatever.

I know I've gotten Yu-Be samples in the past and usually just give them to G because I didn't really know it was. It seems to be a multipurpose face/body/lip cream, so I will give it another try.

The Marula oil is sort of like Argan oil, I've gathered. I've been using this for several days and I really like it. I've been on antibiotics, and one of the few positive side effects of taking them for me is that my skin clears up wonderfully, so I can't attribute it to the Marula oil definitively, but it feels nice, is not super greasy, and leaves my face feeling very soft and supple. It's pretty expensive, 78 dollars, but if I continue loving it I may save up some Birchbox points for it.

Which brings me to my final thought of the day, which is why I think Birchbox is a pretty good deal, even though every month may not be an absolute win.

I cashed in 600 Birchbox points and got this:

I've been wanting the Juice Beauty Apple Peel ever since I got it in my very first Birchbox, and the beautyblender is something that's super useful and works great but would make me twitchy to buy myself. So I ended up paying only $8.95 for the peel ($45.00) and the beautyblender travel set ($23.95).

The peel is going to last forever, too. I got a whole use out of what was just on the lid! This makes Birchbox totally worth it in my book.

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  1. Looks like a nice box. That Tarte lippie is a great colour! It's kind of freakishly orange in the packaging though.

  2. Happy birthday!!!!
    Oh my... to be that young again ;) Hope you have a fabulous time in Amish country. Please take some photos to share with us.

  3. Happy Birthday! Glad to hear you are starting to feel better. Looks like you have been going birchbox crazy! Can't go wrong with the full size lipsurgence. I just got one in my new beauty test tube, have yet to try it...

  4. Wow, the Tarte lip tint looks so different from in the tube.

    I'm the same with celebrity fragrances. I do admit I did purchase Ashanti's perfume and two Britney ones (Curious and Fantasy) when they first came out quite a few years ago when I was in my very early twenties. And they did smell good. Nowadays, I only buy celebrity perfumes if I like the celeb. I've purchased one of Beyonce's perfumes and plan to get all of them eventually.


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