Birchbox-June 2012

It is indeed July, and I am just now getting to my June Birchbox. I admit I was a little miffed that my box came with the "second wave" of shipments this month, and didn't even ship until June 21st, and I didn't receive it until the 28th. I am used to it shipping by the 9th or 10th like clockwork and it made me a touch grumpy to have to wait so long. The actual box, however, was a win!

I didn't get the box that I had initially been coveting, which was this one:


I've never been a huge headband person, but this deer printed one from ModCloth is just so stupid, disgustingly cute. I think I might use my Birchbox points on it at some point. The other items seemed interesting as well, but man oh man did I want that headband!

The actual box I got was pretty nice though.

Check that, folks. FULL SIZE Stila One Step Bronze. That's a $36.00 product right there! I try not to measure my "box satisfaction" solely by retail value (since an expensive product I don't like/can't use is of less worth than an inexpensive one that I love) but it's hard to not squee when a full size item appears!

What else I got:

The Balm Stainiac in Beauty Queen
Masqueology Pore Minimizing Mask
John Varvatos Star USA Perfume sample
Comodynes Self Tanner
Tili bag

I haven't used the mask or the tanner yet. I am saving the mask for a rainy day, and self tanner makes me so nervous. Even the gradual kinds often look too dark on me. The John Varvatos perfume was an extra intended to introduce customers to the new Birchbox Man, and I wasn't at all opposed to getting a "man's perfume" in my box. It's not bad, just a classic guyish smell, not particularly dark or intriguing, but pleasant.

The Tili bag extra is handy (though I really wanted the headband instead!). I used it to hold my post-swimming toiletries this weekend. One annoying thing about them is the colorful coating on the outside of it started scratching off just from being jumbled around in my beach bag. So, I wouldn't really invest in these for looks. A regular heavy duty Ziploc bag would work just as well. I also tossed the Stainiac in my beach bag as it doubles as a cheek and lip tint. This is a subtle, summery berry color and was fast and easy to use just to add a little color with a minimum of fuss.

I don't use a lot of bronzing products because they tend to be too dark, but I really like the One Step Bronze. I love the novel helix design and how the different shades of bronzers mix together.

If you're fair, it can seem a little scary when you first start applying:

But if you keep rubbing it in it fades nicely, leaving only a faint glow and a little sparkle behind. You can't really even see much of a difference in this photo, but this is to show that it is still good for fair folks. You just need a TINY bit. I've been using it under my foundation actually and it's working well for me.

So that's June's box. I guess the good thing about having had to wait so long is that July's box is right around the corner!

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  1. Too funny about that headband :) This box looks awesome! I have never been impressed by the birchboxes I see bloggers share about. But this one actually makes me want to sign up for birchbox!


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