Convenient Sickness

Remember how I spent a nice long Snark Bite recently complaining heartily about recent stress at work? Well, I am a firm believer in stress rendering one far more susceptible to illness, and said illnesses showing up at the most inopportune times. Because here I am with the worst sore throat I have ever had. Swallowing is an exercise in torture and futility. The folks at urgent care said my rapid strep test came back negative but I cry foul. Those tests aren't always accurate, and I know when I'm getting something like sinusitis or bronchitis. I have none of those symptoms. Just crushing fatigue, swollen glands, and a throat filled with shards of glass and pufferfish spines. Not that this is a good thing, but they hand out antibiotics like candy so the doctor still decided they were the best course of action even with a negative strep result. And oh joy, rapture, they're tearing up my stomach too.

But this is, believe it or not, a rather convenient sickness. Because next week is my vacation week, and I would much rather be sick now than then. I won't talk about it specifically until it happens but I'm totally stoked about this little minibreak, and I do not want to be sick for it. Fingers crossed.

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  1. I hope you get better ASAP! I'd hate for you to be sick during your week off. I feel your pain because I came back from my overseas trip with bronchitis!

    1. Me too, I've had to take most of this week off too. It's pretty miserable. Lucky I have plenty of sick time. It seems like I've read somewhere that it's really common to get sick after vacations. Like if you've been under stress for a long time and then start to wind down and relax a little, it all catches up with you and makes it easier for bugs to take hold. Ugh, bronchitis is horrible too.

  2. May you get well soon in time for your vacation.

    Regarding the previous entry, system migrations are a very... challenging time. We had ours last year. Checking books out manually was a hassle and learning the system from scratch was perplexing for me at first. Paid off as the new system is much better. That woman was rude. :(

    I'm crossing my fingers you'll recover soon!

  3. Thanks Iris!To what system did you migrate? We switched from Horizon to Polaris. It's just hard because we had Horizon almost as long as I've worked in the system, 1999. When I started as an aide we literally had the huge computers with black screens and glowing green type. Polaris does some cool things, but there's about a dozen ways to do different tasks, and I'm finding myself just randomly clicking buttons hoping the right thing will pop up! I have a touch of social anxiety so it's extra demanding trying to slow down and focus when someone is staring at me expecting me to know what to do, lol! It will make sense in time I'm sure.

    1. Sorry for the super-late response. We used to have Horizon and switched over to Sirsi Workflows. I like this new system much better for circulation (Although, people in my old cataloguing department hate it. It does not work well for processing). Horizon used to always crash on me. :/

      I was so confused when I started out on Sirsi. I'd rush to one of the tech person who trained us and be all panicky whenever I thought I did something wrong. We went to another library for training, and the librarian there said it would be confusing at first but we'd get the hang of it. He was right. I'm certain you'll get the hang of it too.

      I remember when I just got out of school, they had those text based screens in the public library.


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