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I'm not really a huge bar soap person, and whipped soaps are quickly turning into my cleanser of choice, but when Haus of Gloi did a big soap release recently I decided to just try them, as well as the Body Emulsions, the lighter alternative to the Pumpkin Butters.

Here's what I got:

Bar soaps in Sol and Moon Dog
Insalata Nocturna Body Emulsion
Moon Dog Body Emulsion
Picaroon Bubbling Scrub
Free sample of Depravity

First off, the soaps are just gorgeously crafted, almost too pretty to use. My method has been to cut a slice off, which seems to be lasting me 3-5 days of generous use. I suspect I can get about 6 good slices from each bar. One of the things that turn me off of bar soap is when they leave a too squeaky-clean feeling behind, which to me feels filmy. There is a slight squeaky clean feeling with these, but it somehow disappears almost right after I get out of the shower, so it hasn't been an issue for me.

I really quite like the Body Emulsions as well. I don't really consider the Pumpkin Butters particularly heavy as far as body creams go, but the Emulsions are a little lighter, with a bit more slip, and they soak in just a bit faster. These are perfect for summer.

I have tried Insalata Nocturna (In the night garden, green Bolivian lemon, rubbed tomato leaf, olive leaf absolute, black fig syrup and basil)  before and just felt compelled to get it in an Emulsion. It's a little lemony at first but it also has that interesting garden-fresh tomato note that I like alot.

I got a free sample of Picaroon (Sun scorched mahogany bough crusted with a crystalline sea spray. Faint plundered and rare spices. Lemongrass, coconuts, fine Mexican lime and bay rum. in another order and love that one too. I think it would work perfectly as a unisex scent, the rum gives it a pirate-y edge and is a neat mixture of fresh, fruity, and spicy.

Sol (The sun, at its apex: Dry gingergrass, litsea cubeba, neroli, frankincense tears, saffron infused honey, rosemary and the faint touch of true cinnamon bark) I have only tried as a soap, and I think I'd be able to get a better handle on it if I had the perfume oil to compare it to. For the most part I get just a clean soapy smell, along with something warm and summery. The gingergrass is the only note that is really apparent to me. The description states it contains cinnamon bark, but while I'm sensitive to cinnamon oil, the soap didn't bother me at all.

I tried Depravity (Pure corruption: clove, nutmeg lurk amongst the sweetest offerings of coconut, on a bed of rich golden amber, laden with dustings of sandalwood and spilled wine) as a scrub previously, and getting the oil made me wonder why I never got this again. The name says it all; brings to mind drunken debauchery and decadence, all heady wine, spice, with a hint of the coconut that I love so much in Moon Dog. It's so easy to be distracted by all the new smellies debuting each season that I don't get around to really exploring the general catalog.

All in all, a great little order to reacquaint me with some old favorites and some new favorite formulas!

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  1. You are making me want to check out HoG! All of the products sound amazing! I'm typically not a bar soap person either, but I love handmade soap!

    1. Eeeeeexcellent *cue evil cackle and hand-wringing* Really, they are lovely and worth a wee order to try!
      Did you order anything from SS for summer? Just got my order yesterday. Oh dear. Will need a few days to process it, but it is some crazy GOODNESS.


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