Long Overdue BFTE Haul!

It has been FAR too long since I've gotten an order from BFTE, my first love in indie makeup. I think I've been on a neutral kick for a while and have been trying to focus on using what I have, which is really much more than I should have! But BFTE recently offered a new "mystery" color for Color of the Week, divulging only that it was a duochrome, so I really couldn't resist that. I also had a couple of free full size shadows to redeem from their 365 contest (looks posted on their Facebook page are chosen to win free shadow, one for each day of the year.)

Along with the COTW deal (the full size shadow along with three samples for six dollars) I was able to get seven shadows and a mini Mix and Fix for a mere $14.00 including shipping. BFTE includes a free sample with each order, which normally come in a small baggie. But this time my order came with a regular sample size jar of Blue Bayou, with a sifter. I'm not sure if that's how the free samples are being sent now regularly, but if so, that's awesome and really generous!

Here's what I got (the shades are labeled in the swatches below)

Full sizes: Splash (the new duochrome)
Golden Age
Dusty Rose
Samples: Lace
Secret Garden
Little Beach
Blue Bayou
mini Mix and Fix

Here's Splash in action. Swatched on bare skin it is a light aqua blue with a slight golden sheen, over a black base it turns more sea green and gold! I'm not even really into a lot of blues except teals and seafoams, and this one is really gorgeous!

Blue Bayou, Little Beach, Golden Age, Dusty Rose, Secret Garden

Blue Bayou, Little Beach, Golden Age, Dusty Rose, Secret Garden, Lace, and Splash

And finally a quick look I did using my new colors:

Lid: Splash
Crease: Little Beach
Liner: Secret Garden
Highlight: Lace

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  1. Beautiful! And now I want all these colors.. !!

  2. Golden Age and Dusty Rose have been my go-to colors for a while now. I LOVE roses and golds together :)


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