Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains vs. Tarte Lipsurgence


Revlon has been on a roll this year. First, their uber-popular, oft-reviewed lip butters. Now, their much more affordable answer to lip balm/stain hybrids like Clinique's Chubby Sticks and Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Stains. I've never tried the Chubby Sticks but I do have one each of the Tarte and Revlon, so I thought I'd share my opinions on both.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Lovesick
Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Stain in Joy
First off, I'll say that I love both of these. But for the price ($24.00 for Tarte vs. approximately $8.00 for Revlon) I prefer Revlon. The Tarte came in a recent Birchbox, I don't think I could bring myself to purchase it on its own, as nice as it is.

They are quite similar at first glance: similar size, shape, texture, and slight minty taste. I would say that the Lipsurgence, at least the shade I have, is more balmy than stainy. It goes on a little softer and while pigmented, is not nearly as shocking as it looks in the tube. It has a twist-up/twist down mechanism, but as you can see, it's definitely lost its pencil tip shape.

The Revlon, on the other hand, feels moisturizing but does apply with a little more drag and seems more stainy than balmy. It can go on fairly sheer or built up to some pretty impressive pigmentation. The particular shade I have, Lovesick, has insane staying power! I've only had it about a week, but it seems firm enough that it's maintaining its shape.

As a totally non-scientific test, I decided to swatch each color on my wrist and wear it overnight to see how they'd last:

Upon applying:

And the following morning:

The Revlon would not budge for hours after! I could still see it faintly even after taking a shower, so if you want staying power, this one is awesome. The Tarte was a lot easier to remove.

And here are the shades on:


So, my final assessment: I will definitely be going back for more Revlon Balm Stains. While I love the Lipsurgence too, I can't justify the price when there is a much more affordable alternative on the market.

Have you tried any of the new Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains?
What shade should I get next?

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  1. OOooh, thanks for posting this~ I didn't know about these, but I've been wanting a nice stain for when my boyfriend comes to visit, so I can wear it instead of lipstick. And for "everyday" wear. I bought revlon's other stain and I really don't like the pen applicator. This new balm looks fantastic though; I want to try Adore.

    1. Glad I could help! Do you mean the Revlon LipStain + Balm, the dual-ended ones? I tried one probably a couple years ago and HATED it. The balm end broke off soon after getting it, the stain was patchy and drying, and it was just such a hassle to use. I really think the new Balm Stains may eventually replace the other ones, they seem sort of antiquated now. I don't know why anyone would choose two (inferior) steps over one!

  2. I haven't tried either but I'd love to try the Revlon. Both colors look lovely!

    1. Thanks Emily! I never would have tried the Tarte if it hadn't been for Birchbox, but the Revlon is a much less risky investment!


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