Big Island...Little Beach

I've been wearing BFTE's Little Beach a lot this summer. I got a sample of it in my last order and just keep coming back to it. Blended out with more neutral, subtle colors it provides a little pop of color without being too much.

Here's one look I've been doing with it, all colors from BFTE:

Lid: Little Beach
Crease: Big Island
Liner (lower): Secret Garden
Liner (upper): Espresso
Highlight: Canyon

And here's another super simple look:

Lid: Little Beach
Crease: Errai
Liner: Errai
Highlight: Beautiful

I'm sorry for the general lack of posts lately. Ever since my "good" camera went all wonky a few weeks ago it's been hard to summon to motivation to wrestle with my even less "good" camera for what I know will be mediocre shots. Trying to get my mojo back though, as I do have some posts in mind and hauls to share!

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  1. This is such a pretty look! I love how you blended the green and gold.


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