Indy Minibreak

G and I got back from our little minibreak on Monday, and thankfully I was feeling much better after having been quite sick with what I think was strep throat. It was a good thing too because even though we were only in Indianapolis for three days we did a lot. First, the requisite getting-lost -and- getting -mad -at-each- other- because- of- it- part. Once we got that little detour out of the way things went quite smoothly.

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We went to the Indianapolis Art Museum, which was fun. One of the most interesting "pieces" was a unsettlingly dark room in which there appeared to be a single hanging canvas, painted pitch black. We stood there for a moment, considering it, and I'm thinking, "there is something more to this. I don't know what it is." Then someone else comes in the room who clearly was in on the joke, and they stuck their arm through the painting, which wasn't really a painting at all but rather a hole beyond which there was another darker room. All of a sudden reality shifted, sort of like those magic eye books where if you stare long enough a 3D image appears. A total trip. I love art that messes with your perceptions and expectations.

If you're curious, here is a link the piece's profile. It shows the piece more brightly lit, but in person the room was much darker and so even more disorienting.
We got a pretty good deal on Hotwire and were able to stay at a Sheraton which was rather clandestinely attached to a mall. Best. Idea. Ever.
Here's what I wore the first day, a dress from Maurices. Actually, pretty much everything I wore this weekend was from Maurices.

The second day we walked around Massachusetts Avenue downtown, which is sort of an artsy district. We went to this pizza place for lunch, Bazbeaux, which was ridiculously good. I ordered my pizza with bacon, grilled onions, fresh mozzarella, and pine nuts. Since we couldn't really take leftovers with us we properly stuffed our respective gullets.

And here is what I wore the second day, another Maurice's dress and a cardigan. It's the first strapless dress I've ever owned and while it felt and looked better than I ever expected, I'm not quite secure enough to wear it sans cardi. I still thought it worked well.

And, what's this? Where am I now?

The highlight of our trip, and pretty much the whole basis for going...
Florence and the Machine! I am a huge fan, and I've been looking forward to this for months. I didn't discuss it earlier because Florence had some vocal troubles recently and had to cancel a few shows to recover. I was so worried she wouldn't make it to ours, but she did, and she sounded brilliant! It was such a wonderful night! We were a little further back than I would have liked..lawn seats, gah...but I still got a few decent shots (out of a few hundred, lol.)

And because I'm a total geek, I had to make a piece of Florence inspired jewelry to wear to the show. I used Waterhouse's "Lady of Shalott" painting and lyrics from "Rabbit Heart" and decoupaged the image onto a brass cuff. It was my first try using the technique and it worked pretty well. Next time I won't use domed cuffs though, it was a pain trying to smoothly decoupage over the curves, so it was a little wrinkly. It did give it character!

So, it couldn't really get much better than that. Of course, the next day we went to the Indianapolis Zoo and we saw lots of animals (including dolphins from an underwater viewing dome) and we got to pet sharks, so that wasn't too shabby, either.

All in all, a very successful minibreak!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing the pics with us. The art museum sounds very interesting. I had to read the paragraph about the dark room a few times to grasp what was going on. Is it bad that I have no clue who this Florence is?

  2. LOL...that's okay, it's really hard to explain, it was such a surreal art experience. I will search for a picture of it and edit the post to make it more clear if I can. And no, I don't listen to a lot of current "popular" music so that's okay. Florence and the Machine is getting more popular though, the big hits lately have been "Shake it Out" and "Spectrum." She is just a phenomenal singer and performer, and the music is epic.


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