Birchbox-September 2012

Birchbox time again! This month was heavy on smaller, packet-ish items, which some might argue is not quite up to snuff, considering that Birchbox claims to send only "deluxe-size" samples. But I won't complain in this case because I ended up getting 9 individual items that I am able to review for 90 Birchbox points, equaling 9 dollars to use in the shop. This negates any ill will I might hold towards getting a few packets.

Here's what I got:

I'm not too terribly excited about the grey nail polish, but I am thanking my lucky stars it wasn't this one:

Photo from Birchbox site
Chartreuse nail polish would just not have worked for me! They did have this one as a possibility though, and it would have been my ideal, rose gold:

Photo from Birchbox site

I am not a big tea drinker, but tea bags make excellent, relaxing eye compresses, so I will use them that way!

I've used the Benefit cleanser already and liked it. It has a creamy, very foamy texture that reminded me of Origins Checks and Balances cleanser that I received in a previous box. But since it was just a little packet I only got two uses out of it, not quite enough to base a decision to purchase on.

My box also contained a coupon code for Madewell. It's a little bit beyond my budget so anyone who wants the code is welcome to it! It expires September 30th.

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  1. I've never used tea bags as eye compresses before :) Might have to try that out!


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