Bye-Bye Birdies- Summer 2012


As the sudden chill in the air and the rain pouring outside has reminded me, summer is officially over. So that means it's time to share some of the products I finished using this summer, which ones I liked enough to repurchase, and which ones are going bye-bye, birdie.

Here they are:

Solstice Scents Whipped Soap and Sugared Amber Whipped Cleansing Scrub
I probably finished more than just these two, but these are the containers I saved for sharing. You could also add some Haus of Gloi soaps finished earlier in the summer as well.
Re-purchase?: Of course. These are absolute givens.

Revlon Photoready Foundation in Vanilla
One of my favorite liquid foundations. Some consider it a more affordable dupe to MUFE's HD foundation. Having tried both, I think I actually like the Revlon a little better. 
Re-purchase?: Yes, already have.

LUSH Silky Underwear Body Powder
I totally loved this powder when I bought it, but towards the bottom of the canister the scent started smelling a bit faded and musty, and I was reminded that I spent a fairly hefty sum for that body powder, which now failed to excite me. I can get a huge container of Shower to Shower for a third of the price.
Re-purchase?: No

Avon Anew Clinical Luminosity Pro Brightening Serum
I've raved about this product a gazillion times, and I still love it. If I don't use it for a while, my skin lets me know, loudly and fervently. I always buy it on Ebay as it is a little expensive. The retail price on the Avon website appears to have been lowered from $54.00 to $39.99, which is much better, but it can be found even cheaper elsewhere. I hope lowering the price does not mean they're considering discontinuing it, because I really, truly need it in my life.
Re-purchase?: Yes

Revlon Color Stay Blemish Clearing Concealer
This is my favorite creamy concealer, hands down. Blends easily, doesn't get cakey, and conceals well.
Re-purchase?: Yes, already have

Maybelline Mineral Power Finishing Veil
This is my go-to setting powder.The container lasts a long time and is very affordable.
Re-purchase?: Yes

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream
I bought this during the summer for hot days or days when I was going to the water park and wanted some coverage but nothing too fussy. I intended it for just that purpose but I ended up wearing it non-stop for about a month. I still need concealer with it but I think it does a great job at evening my skin out and looks natural. I love that it has SPF 30 as well. It's more of a tinted moisturizer than a true BB cream in my opinion, but I still like it a lot.
Re-purchase?: Yes, already have

The Morbid the Merrier Lip Balm in Funnel Cake
This sweet little lip balm left a slightly bitter taste in my mouth. This was from my second and final order from the now defunct TMTM. I suppose I was lucky to have gotten it at all, because a lot of people did not get their final orders and the whole thing was a totally disappointing and disillusioning disaster. It's still a mystery to the best of my knowledge as to what went so badly wrong. I hope the owner is okay, but I also feel terrible for all the customers that lost their orders and their money.
Re-purchase?: clearly and regretfully not

Random body washes (Bath and Body Works Rain-Kissed Leaves and Softsoap)

During the hot months Haus of Gloi suspends selling whipped soaps due to possible melting, so during this time I rumaged through my massive underground bunker (kidding) full of bath, body, and cosmetic products to find some body washes I could use up. Actually, it's just my bathroom closet, but since there are a good three shelves packed to the gills, it feels like I'm planning for nuclear fallout. It'd been a while since I used commercial body washes, and it struck me how artificial they smelled, more chemical-ly. Not bad, not like I'll never ever buy from major brands again, but I just really love the whipped soaps I've tried from indie brands. The texture and scents just leave mainstream products in the dust.
Re-purchase?: only if necessary

Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation

I got this face cream earlier this year as an awesome promotion from Sephora. The one ounce size cream only cost me 100 Beauty Insider Points. It was a great basic face cream, and I was more than happy to use it up. But the 1.7 ounce size retails for $45.00, and I don't think I'd ever be compelled to buy it again for that price.
Re-purchase?: No

Giovanni 2Chic Ultra Sleek Shampoo

I've always had pretty good luck with Giovanni products. I tried their body washes and body lotions four years ago when I wanted a new smell to take with me on my vacation to NYC. Now whenever I smell their Bamboo Birch scent I always think happy New York thoughts. I've actually already repurchased this shampoo once already. It's sulfate-free, contains argan oil, and helps keep my hair from getting staticky without weighing it down.
Re-purchase?: yes, already have.

So what have you used up lately?

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  1. You have really made me want to go get some SS and HoG bath stuff. Can I raid your massive underground bunker? :)

    1. Heh, heh, sure, but you may never come out again. It's a wee bit hoardish ;) As far as my SS and HoG stash goes, I keep that in my bedroom where I installed a shelf just for that purpose!

  2. I should try the Maybelline finishing powder if they have it here. It sounds quite nice.
    I've been thinking about getting the Maybelline BB cream, but heard from one review how it makes skin oilier, which is a concern for me as I have oily skin already. Sounds like it works well for your skin type, as you've used it on hot days with no issue. :)

    Far too bad about TMTM. I used the funnel cake lipbalm in the past and loved it. I was so shocked when I saw the store go downhill and feel badly for those who didn't get their money or product.

    For products I've used up lately:
    -Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Carnaval Diabolique: liked it and was my go-to perfume for work meetings
    -mark by Avon's Pretty Wild lipgloss in Hey Baby: this really worked for me and was a "my lip colour but better" match. Too bad it was limited and is no longer made
    -Bath & Body Works lotion in Signature Vanilla's Cherry-Vanilla: I'm with you on their product's being a bit... chemical-like but they do smell good.

    1. The BB cream does leave a more "dewy" finish, but I always set with powder and during the summer use a setting spray too, so I was good to go.

      I'm intrigued by BPAL but am sort of intimidated by their website and would have no clue where to begin (or where to stop!) I can't afford any more addictions, and I've been trying new brands with more regularity lately anyway, tempting said addictions!

      The BBW scents I like have pretty much all been discontinued, and the newer scents just haven't been appealing to me. My all time favorite is white tea and ginger though, I've never gotten tired of that one.


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