Excuses, Excuses

I'm sorry for the barren wasteland that my blog has been recently. G and I have had a tiresome month, literally. We've been dealing with that age-old adversary, a noisy neighbor. We have lived in our apartment complex for almost seven years now and have never had a real neighbor problem. It's only a four unit, condo-like building, so with only three other possible tenants in our building at one time, we've had pretty good luck so far. It's not a fancy place, and not many of the folks are what you'd consider progressive, but they're pleasant enough and don't bother us, which is how we like it. We like being right by a stream and woods, being able to hear water and birds in the morning, and see the occasional deer.

However, this past month or so the most prevalent noise we've heard has been....bass. Pounding, incessant, intrusive, bass. Given our relative inexperience with such neighbors, and general reluctance to be confrontational and loathsome of conflict, we haven't known how to handle this horrible noise pervading our home. It's been a little stressful, and G, being a musician, has been extra sensitive to it and resentful of it.

It started when our new neighbor moved in over the summer, a single lady whom we barely knew was living there. She was totally fine and not a problem at all.
Then, a couple months later, her adult son suddenly moved in.
He's probably in his early or mid-twenties, has a young daughter whom I believe he isn't paying child support for. This is far more than I really want to know about my neighbors. I don't want to know when they go to bed, when they go to work, when they come home. They should be seen and not heard. Like the good old days. Kidding, but you get my drift.

They have a big screen TV, and Bassboy, as we call him, likes to play music on it. Horrible stuff like ICP. All day long, and well into the night when he usually switches to video games. And then it repeats a few hours later. The mother works two jobs, I believe, and works at night so he has been able to run amok since he doesn't work regularly. So basically this dude is a spoiled, enabled brat. The noise was getting to us, and G finally went over to talk to him one day, in my view very generously giving him a chance to improve before moving towards formal complaints. He was actually nice about it, and seemed agreeable, and G felt like maybe it would improve. Ah, but it didn't. Bassboy was either just clueless about those living around him, or simply didn't care.

G went over again, and in a conversational, friendly way brought him over to our place so he could hear what it sounded like from our end. Our bed's headboard is right up against their bedroom wall, and their huge TV at the time was in their living room, and loud enough that you could feel the vibrations through the wall. Again, he seemed apologetic and nice about it.

And then he moved his big screen TV into their bedroom, flush against our bedroom wall.
It was loud all day, loud until one or two in the morning. We could hear it in our computer room, our living room, our bathroom. We felt like our home had been taken over by this parasite, feeding off of every good feeling we ever had there. It was stressful going home, and it's not supposed to be like that. We had had enough, so we called our apartment management, and very nicely explained our predicament. We told the office lady that we liked the mother a lot and had no problem with her, but the son was a menace. Plus, he wasn't even on the lease. Is that OK? He was never checked out prior to moving in, who is this guy, is he some crazy psycho who could go off at any time? We were nervous about potential retaliation for complaining. The management devised a plan. The owner of the complex and our maintenance man went over and talked to the mother and told her that maintenance had heard noise from outside and if things didn't improve, "heads were going to roll." I must say we felt relieved that they took us seriously and went into action the same day as our complaint. We were thankful for that indeed.

Things were better for a few days, mostly because we think Bassboy left for a while. We were almost able to start breathing easily again. And then, it started again. It got progressively worse until the last straw-the noise didn't stop until 5 AM. G said it was so loud he could easily hear what Bassboy was watching. Being forced to listen to King of the Hill at 4 AM is a special kind of torture. I went to work the next day looking like death, barely able to speak coherently. G called management again, and they decided to serve the mother with an eviction notice. But there was a condition. She could stay, if she kicked Bassboy out. We heard that she was actually amenable to this, that she hadn't intended for him to stay so long and was ready for him to go. So the way we look at it, we did her a favor, and gave her the little nudge and excuse she needed to send him on his merry, bass-blasting way.

It has been quiet for several days straight now, and we have hope. G saw the mother the other day and she smiled and waved, so either she doesn't know it was us, or knows and doesn't care. Bassboy was over there yesterday and G says he smiled at him too, so maybe (though I don't see how)he doesn't know either. We spent a few days quite convinced we would find our tires slashed or worse over this, so we are relieved nothing has happened. We aren't ones to count our chickens, however, so we are cautiously optimistic this ordeal will be behind us soon.

Anyway, all of this sort of sapped my energy for blogging, and I'm trying to get my motivation back. I have several companies to do First Impressions on, but I'm just not feeling doing them in my usual verbose, uber-in -depth way. The only way I'll ever get them done is by giving myself permission to keep those reviews a little more concise and brief. Maybe they will just end up being Mini-First Impressions. We'll see what happens.

I haven't carved a pumpkin probably since high school, and G and I decided to carve one this year. I think I tried to be too ambitious and wanted to do a Maisy face. I got to her eyes and then admitted defeat.

We turned him around and instead ended up with a slightly deformed pumpkin a second grader could have carved:

Have an awesome Halloween everyone!

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  1. I'm so sorry you had to deal with such stressful living conditions! I hope it stays quiet and Bassboy moves out. I think your pumpkin is cute.

  2. I'm very sorry you and G. had to go through such a stressful experience. I hope your neighbour's son moves out, stays away, and you have no further issues.

  3. Thanks you guys! I'm sure it sounds like a little thing given people are going through much worse right now. But man, night after night of not being able to sleep properly will turn one entirely irrational and prone to random breakdowns, hence it becoming a very not-small thing! It was quiet again last night, so every silent night is a tiny little victory in our epic battle against Bassboy!

  4. I am glad your terrible situation has been sorted and it stays that way. It is so nice of you to approach the matter in the way you did. We don't care to know our neighbours unless they have parked in our space or something like that! I think we are famous for our 'no-no' notes :D

    1. No-no notes! That's hilarious.
      It has been quiet ever since I posted about this! G prefers things to be harmonious and for everyone to get along so we really tried to resolve it ourselves before involving management. G has spoken to the mother a few times since and she doesn't seem to know we were the ones who complained, so that is some extra tension we've avoided, lol!


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