Solstice Scents Autumn Haul Part 2


As promised, I recently went back after my first order of autumn products from Solstice Scents, and really stocked up!

Here's what I got:

Whipped soap in Wail of the Banshee
Bath Soak in Foxcroft
Burnishing Glace in Foxcroft
Rosemilk Day Cream
Harvest Moon Home Fragrance Oil
Ganache in Caramel Apple and Jack and the Devil
Perfumes in Library, Kitchen, Jack and the Devil, and Witch's Cottage (Manor was a purchase for a co-worker)
 samples of Inquisitor and Old Cedar Magus

Wow, writing it all down makes me feel slightly gluttonous. I've never ordered that much at once and even with the twenty dollars I was able to use through the rewards program, it still made me cringe a little. But, I've been wanting some of those perfumes for a long time and I think my winter haul will *probably* be a lot smaller. So I tell myself.

Last year when I first tried Foxcroft, I liked it in a way, but found it too light and the sillage not quite strong enough for me. Silly me, I hadn't quite learned to always go back later and see how the scent develops over time. I tried my Foxcroft sample not long ago and suddenly...I understood it...and loved it. I got the glace because the scents in those tend to be pretty strong and long-lasting as well, and the salts because they make for a really lovely, atmospheric bath.

I got Caramel Apple because it seemed like a good match to both Kitchen and Witch's Cottage. It was less sugary sweet than I expected, more apple than caramel, but very smooth and comforting. The apple in it seems like it would also complement Cellar very

I chose Inquisitor and Old Cedar Magus as samples for G. He is almost finished with his Monster Mash, and I am a little heartbroken it has been discontinued. I loved that scent on him. I think he gravitated towards Old Cedar Magus, and I loved it too. It has the same vanilla incense profile as scents like Spellbound Woods and Conjure (RIP) have, only with a woodsy cedar note, not nearly as sharp and apparent as in Attic.

This was my first experience trying the Home Fragrance Oil, and I'm so glad I got Harvest Moon! I never tried the perfume (though I wanted to) because I suspected the spice oils would cause an allergic reaction. I actually do think I would prefer this as a home scent. It's just warm, spicy...classic autumn. The throw of the oil is fantastic! I also love the glass apothecary vial with the dropper, it is just a really sturdy, good quality bottle.

And last but not least, this was a purchase I made over the summer but didn't post about: The Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Fruit and Cream Masque. OMG. This is my favorite Solstice Scents mask, and maybe one of my favorite masks in general. First, the dried powder format is economical, you can use and much or as little as you want and make the consistency however you like. A little goes a long way. And the smell! It has powders of various fruits, but I smell pumpkin, full stop! It smells just delicious, and once you apply it has a really creamy, silky consistency that makes it just a pleasure to use. Though it contains fruit acids, it didn't irritate my skin and just made it feel refreshed and a little more glowing. This stuff is brilliant!

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  1. Wow I am totally jealous of your collection (: I really want to try some of their masks the next time I make an order, I think I'll go with the fruit and cream mask you wrote about!

    1. That mask is really great! I like the cocoa one too, but I love the extra mild exfoliating effect of the fruit and cream mask. Like I mentioned, it's not fruit-basket fruity, but rather, to me, like creamy pumpkin!

  2. Awesome haul! I never knew SS made skincare stuff. I liked Caramel Apple from last year (almost everything I've tried has been good actually!).

    1. Angela does have a small skin care line, though most items aren't always available. She makes a really nice basic face lotion too, Rosemilk Day Cream. The masks are yummy!


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