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OK, so I was nominated for this Inspiring Blogger Award from La Domna (thank you!). And now I'm going to be totally uninspired and re post my answers from a tag I did quite a while back, because, well, they're sort of interesting facts and for some reason I can't get my brain to trudge up anymore at the moment. I'm sorry if that's totally lame, but if I had to come up with all new answers, who knows how long it would take me to do it? And maybe some of you never saw the original post, so it is sort of like you're seeing it for the first time? So, enough with the rationalizations, and because I'm being totally uninspired, I will post all 11 kind-of-interesting facts about me, and I tag anyone who so chooses to also share some odd or interesting facts!

11 Random Facts About Me:

1. I met my BF G over ten years ago on the Counting Crows message boards (one of our all time favorite bands). We found out we lived only 50 miles apart and that got the gears turning. Everyone thought I was crazy to agree to meet him, but I don't do anything without cold, calculating contemplation and I knew I had to do it. Our first date was seven hours of wandering about an area mall, and at closing time we were pretty much an item.

2.The Myers-Brigg Personality test says I am an INFJ, of which only 1% of people are. Which explains why I rarely fit in anywhere perfectly. Not familiar with the test? It's quite insightful, and this description sums me up very nicely.

3. My real name means "one who listens". I am indeed one to stand back and observe and take things in before stepping into the fray.

4. I have some very minor manifestations of synesthesia, which means your senses get mixed up, and sounds have colors, tastes have shapes, words have sounds, etc. As a child I assigned genders and personalities to numbers and described yellow for example as a "thirsty" color, but never really thought of it as weird or unusual. I also have some sensory defensiveness, in which bright lights, loud sounds, too many people, drain my energy and are overwhelming. Certain textures of food as well, particularly raw fruits and vegetables, are just intolerable- have had that bizarre issue pretty much forever. For example, I can eat applesauce, apple butter, dried apple chips, apple fruit leather, but no raw apples. Weird, I know.

5. I've never been into sports, but I took ballet for 15 years and Hawaiian/ Tahitian dance for 10 (yes, this involved wonderfully flattering grass skirts and sequined bras.) I started when I was 3 and legend has it at my first recital I stopped dancing on stage and yelled to my mom in the audience "mom, I love it!"

6. I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools for 12 years, but really stopped following it in the 8th grade. I dabbled in Wicca in high school and college and now consider myself a sensitive, progressive, ethical atheist.

7.  From the 7th to 10th grades my goal in life was to be an Egyptologist. I was obsessed with all things Egypt. During the summer I was the geeky girl lounging poolside reading a book on translating hieroglyphs, or random concepts in astronomy like black holes. I still love those subjects but can't really think of them as viable sources of income. As if being a library technical assistant is, of course.

8. I'm not a party/bar person, but I have done karaoke a few times and it was pretty fantastic. I love to sing but have always treated it as this top secret thing that could never be revealed or shared. Getting over that fear even slightly was a huge, epic deal for me. I haven't done it in a while but it is on my list of things to do. I so miss the applause.

9. I'm a not-so-extreme couponer. I like nice things, but I can't stand paying full price for anything, so I am always clipping coupons for groceries, using Ebates, scouring the interwebs for codes, and combining sales/coupons for the best deals. I am not, however, one of those people that clear shelves or stockpile 150 cans of peas just because they're free. Everything in moderation, people.

10. I'm totally into the Steampunk aesthetic and love making jewelry reflecting that style.

11. I have worked in libraries my whole working life, except for the one summer in high school when I cleaned pools. Good times.

Oh, here's one more little tidbit:

This is our furbaby Maisy. She is very special, and likes to sit on her food plate when she's hungry. I pride myself on capturing her essence in the most disturbing, unflattering pictures ever. Observe:

Not too bad....and now...


That's all for today!

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  1. Oh my god, your kittah! Cute name for her, too :) I love cats so much. I've only ever owned one dog, and I was so small at the time (we also had to give her away because my parents worked so often). So I suppose since I've always owned cats, I've always adored them very much. You took some great pictures! I love taking funny/awkward pictures of my cat too.

    That's awesome that you took ballet so long! I've always wanted to practice ballet, but it never worked because my work changed my schedule when I finally found a ballet class :( Sad times!

    I enjoyed these facts about you! You're a lovely person!

    1. Isn't she awesome? I've also had cats my whole life, I am a bona fide crazy cat lady. Even though Maisy is the only one we have right now, she easily qualifies for 2 or 3 in sheer size and personality alone!

      My ballet classes weren't very rigorous or intense, just a casual once a week thing and then we had a yearly recital. I finished up my 15 years in 1999, I miss it sometimes!

  2. This will be a long comment. I´ll just number my number my comments accoring to the corresponding odd fact.

    2. I love taking that test, but I gte so many different answers. The only thing different Myers-Briggs tests seem to agree on is that I´m Thinking rather than Feeling. If I were to judge myself, after reading a lot of type descriptions, the one that is most like me is ISTP.

    3. My real name means hope, and I do think that everything will work out in the end!

    4. My mother is a synesthete, but I´m not... :(

    7. As you know, I was the same but I actually did get that egyptology education. But I realized that I did not want to work as an egyptologist because it was not compatible with the place I wanted to live... And living close to my family was more important! So I started studying Library and information science, I´ll be done with that come summer!

    8. I love to sing too! I was put on stage before I was old enough to be afraid... I was eight years old the first time I sang solo in front of a large audience. So stage fright has never been a problem for me... ;)

    11. I have never worked in a library, only had a couple of internships. But when I was eigth I drew a picture that still today is on the library cards of my local library! I want to work at that library some day... that would be like coming full circle!

    And that cat is cute!! All of that fur makes me thing of my own fur ball Skruttin... In cold winters he had just as much fur as your Maisy... Sadly he moved out a few years ago when we got a dog. I haven´t seen him for the last year, but he is probably out there somewhere!

    1. You're much better at coming up with interesting facts than I am! I've taken the Myers Brigg Test many times as well, and I've been consistent, except when I was younger I was more INFP and then as I got older it started switching to INFJ.

      That's great you are excited about your library career, and very cool about the library cards! You're in Sweden, right? I wonder how different the libraries there are to the ones in the states?

      I was dancing in recitals from age 3 so I was less nervous doing those, but singing was a very personal thing for me and a LOT harder for me to put out there in public.

      I wish I was more of a synesthete, it's really only a few little quirky ways I have of perceiving things, but it sounds like a very colorful way of living!

      And Maisy is a Maine Coon Cat, they are one of the largest, furriest cat breeds. All that fur does help them when it's cold outside! (We keep her inside but sometimes she does try to get out).

    2. Well, I simply have a lot of odd habits... I blame my odd mother!

      I study in sweden, but I´m moving back home to Finland when I´m done... so I´ll be working there, hopefully. From my education I have gotten the impression that Libraries in the US and in Sweden are quite similar actually, at least ideologically. And swedish libraries are very similar to finnish ones. The only real difference is that Sweden have their own classification system but Finland uses a variation on Dewey.

      My Skruttin was/is no particular breed... There are some Norwegian Forest Cats in the village so he might have some of that in him, but I don´t know. Outdoor cats tend to be rather secretive about their lovers. Here is he: :)

    3. LOL..."Outdoor cats tend to be rather secretive about their lovers." Maisy was a stray so I don't know definitely what all she is, but she looks and acts exactly like a Maine Coon, so we go with that.

      I've read about some smaller libraries in the US doing away with the Dewey system and reclassifying items according to broad subject groups, more like what you'd find in a bookstore. It seems a little chaotic to me, but I can see why some patrons might like it for browsing.

      I went to your link also, but it didn't work :( Norwegian Forest cats are also beautiful!

  3. Maisy is sooo cute <3
    Very interesting about your synaesthetic abilities! It is very evident in your fragrance descriptions. I've never been much of a sensory person. I did get judging over perceiving and thinking over feeling in the personality test :) Maybe that's why!

    1. Although I take horrifying pictures of her at times, she really is quite cute normally!
      That's interesting about the sensory stuff, because you are so great at describing scents! I think you just know far more about the technical side of it or have just smelled more than I have. I have to rely on images/memories/general impressions to decribe scents or my reviews feel pretty dull and vague!

  4. Kitty! I am not an animal person at all (I don't go around kicking them or anything, but I can live without the fur and the smells and the slobbering), but I have a soft spot for cats. I can't resist the urge to pat one when I see it.

    I'm an INFJ too - I didn't know it was so rare! My boss is obsessed with those kinds of personality/strengths/skills tests and she's always making us take them when she finds a new one.

    1. I love animals but no, I've never been a huge dog person really. Cats are much more my style. I'm sort of a Pied Piper of cats, I"m always finding them in random places and I have to stop and make friends when I see them.

      Yep...INFJs are pretty special. That's actually neat your boss cares about stuff like that. So many just want to fit square pegs in round holes instead of appreciating people as individuals.

    2. Well, she's kind of a pain in the arse in many other ways, but yes - she does make an effort to play to people's strengths. ;-)


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