Lush Boxing Day Sale Haul

It's true that I have a somewhat tenuous relationship with LUSH. I've railed quite passionately against their absurd hard-sell practices and scoff at the magical candy coating and top -quality, hand-harvested fairy dust that must cover all their products in order to justify their prices and elitism. I enjoy what I enjoy and take it all with a grain of salt. I cannot, however, turn my nose up at a sale.

Because it's a LUSH sale, yo. They never happen. Because their stuff is just too damn magical for sales. But once a year the stars align and the LUSH gods smile down upon the wee folk (we customers) and grant us our one burning desire: to buy a bath bomb without the accompanying sinking suspicion that our wallets have just been terribly violated. Getting two bath bombs for the price of one really helps the medicine go down. Of course, they're only having this sale to get rid of holiday merchandise that would otherwise go bad, not because, you know, customers deserve perks and incentives now and then. They make it quite clear that they are the ones doing us wee folk a favor. For Fresh Sakes, they say, and that is all.

If I sound a bit cynical, that's because I sort of am. I hate hearing from ex or current LUSH employees on my blog telling me how much they hate the hard-sell method they've had to employ, and how hard it is to be fake and over-the-top bubbly all the time. I feel sort of guilty about buying from them at all, which is hypocritical on my part because I'm sure there are tons of companies that treat their employees like rubbish and I unknowingly still buy from them. I guess it bothers me because the brand purports so vehemently to be the exact opposite, and actually does seem to have their hearts in the right place when it comes to certain issues. I just wish that heart would extend to their employees and a reconsideration of the tactics they use and the unpleasant and counterproductive environment they create for all parties involved.

I only feel better shopping at my area LUSH (and I've gone there just a few times since this summer) because once I had a honest conversation with one of the young ladies working there, it has been far more tolerable and pleasant for me. She remembers me each time I go in (which is not often, so it's quite impressive.) And she does the perfect, normal customer service thing: She greets me, offers help if I need it, then leaves. No interminable, high-pitched sales pitches, no bath bombs dropped surreptitiously into my basket, no grabbing my arm to demonstrate soap. None of that. And for that, I thank her. She sort of saved the day, because if I hadn't talked to her, and if I had had the same horrible experience I had the time before when she wasn't present, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gone back at all. But because she did not do what she was trained to do, she kept me as a customer. Sort of ironic, eh?

Ok, I'm sorry I sucked all of you into a LUSH rant, I swear that's the end of it. I'm sure you all googled "Lush haul" and clicked on my link so innocently and
 la-dee-da, only to be assaulted by my rabid ranting. I'm sorry. From here down, it's sunshine, lollipops, and the best bloody fairy dust money can buy.

Said money has been tight lately, so I really didn't think I'd be able to get anything from this sale at all. But G gave me a little cashola for my Christmas gift, so I was able to get a small assortment of items. These were all items I've never tried but have been wanting to, so I was pretty happy to be able to partake in the sale!

The website crashed with quite a thud when the sale started, and if I hadn't already been signed in  and assembling my cart ten minutes before the sale technically started, I predict I would have had much more trouble that I did. Even with that, it took a good half hour to get through properly. And for all the hassle, I admit LUSH did the nice thing and sent those who ordered during the peak crash time some free soap.

So, here is my haul!

1 Cinders Bath Bomb
1 Party Popper bomb
1 Sandy Santa sugar scrub
1 So White bomb
1 Golden Wonder bomb
1 Father Christmas bomb
1 Christmas Eve bubble bar
1 Melting Snowman bath melt
free Angels Delight soap and godmother soap sample

To reiterate, these were all buy one get one free, so I only paid for four items!
I only had two injured bath bombs in my order, and I wasn't too upset about it because I has planned on cutting a few in half anyway. They just did the work for me.
My Party Popper was neatly broken, and that's the only one I've tried so far. It has a nice effervescent, fruity scent and the half I used turned the water a pretty shade of purply pink. I only got one soap leaf, but there may be more in the other half. The popping candies were a neat touch.

My So White wasn't exactly....wait for white.

More like, so pink. So the surprise of the pink center is sort of ruined, but that's OK. It's neatly split down the middle so I can get two uses out of this one as well.

I've never tried one of the bath melts, but I thought this would be a cute one to try. I will probably cut it into several pieces because I don't like the water too oily, and this contains cinnamon leaf oil I think so I need to be careful with that.

My Christmas Eve bubble bar was a bit bigger than I thought it would be, and nicely formed. Looking forward to this one!

I don't really care for the Angel's Delight scent (super fruity) but it is a pretty soap so I will still use it as a hand soap in our bathroom.

I am an exfoliation addict so I was happy to get a Sandy Santa!

And just as a bonus, here is one of my most used everyday makeup looks:

I also just got my hair cut the day I took this picture, so I wanted to capture that. My stylist gave me shorter side swept bangs along with a short angled bob. I think it's working better for me than blunt bangs.

Here's a closeup of my eye:

I'm wearing BFTE's Golden Age on the lid, BFTE's Dusty Rose in the crease, and The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer as a highlight. I got a sample of it in a recent Birchbox and I really like it. I've been using it pretty much every day for a month. I'm also using Ulta's Extreme Wear Gel Liner in Perfection, which has been my go-to liner for a while now. Regular black liner sometimes feel harsh for everyday for me, and this shade blends into my lashline really well and emphasizes without looking too obvious. Oh, and on my lips is a lip balm from Morgana Cryptoria, Amaranth. Those are discontinued but she has lots of great lippies!

That's all for today, thanks for reading!

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  1. Your Lush rant put a smile to my face more than once. Like I've said before- you have such a way with words, my dear! Unfortunately, I jumped into the Lush sale bandwagon too late, so the stuffs in my haul wasn't BOGO *sad face* At least they were ~gracious~ enough to add the free soap for the website troubles, haha! I'm
    Totally jealous of the Christmas Eve bubble bar, sandy Santa, and the melting snowman. I had my eye on them, but they were sold out when I made my order *even sadder face* Do the bath bombs really break that easily? That's kind of disappointing but, like you said, convenient for multiple use.

    Your makeup is so beautiful (and so are you!)! I love that golden age color. I'm happy BFTE has come so far as a company (like attending imats!). I remember forever ago buying 7 rainbow colors from them since xsparkage did a rainbow eye that I wanted to recreate. :)

    Great post, as always! I enjoyed it very much!

    1. I'm glad my rant kept you entertained! This was my first Lush boxing day sale so I anticipated it being sort of crazy. I almost wanted to get a few more things but I was afraid of being disconnected as soon as I went to checkout so I just kept it simple.

      The bombs I've tried don't really break that easily. I usually have to use a screwdriver and hammer and give it a few good whacks, so I was okay they did the dirty work for me. It did travel pretty much crosscountry, so I'm not surprised they were a little beat up looking.

      That's funny, I discovered BFTE through xsparkage's rainbow look too! I was researching how to make a rainbow cake and just stumbled across her video and was so mesmerized by all the colors that I had to order from them. They're still my favorite!

      Thanks again for all your kind words :)


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