Violet Valentine

I had to work on Valentine's Day so G and I went out on Friday instead. We don't subscribe to the commercialized hype of the day anyway, we think it's far more important to have a relationship based on mutual respect and appreciation the other 364 days of the year. I'm not into flowers and jewelry for gifts either, I'd much rather have a nice meal and an experience to remember.

So G and I went out for breakfast, then went to an art museum, then the mall where we got some chocolate at Godiva, then G took me out for dinner. I splurged and got french onion soup, BBQ chicken pizza, and flourless chocolate cake. Oh dear, it was so good! We finished the day with a trip to Half Price Books and some reading at Barnes and Noble.

This was my look for the day:

Lid: When I Grow Up, Fyrinnae (over Pixie Epoxy)
Crease: Blackberry Sorbet, BFTE
Liner: Ravishing Red Wolf, Fyrinnae (This is a gorgeous rich plum wine color in the jar, but wet it becomes more metallic purple)
Highlight: The Balm Mary Lou Manizer (this is my go-to highlight color now. Every day!)

I wore a casual cotton dress from Maurices  that I got several years ago and it's still one of my favorites. It's super comfortable and goes well with cardigans and tights or leggings in the fall and winter, and with sandals in the summer. It's shabby chic without being too Little House on the Prairie. The cardigan and leggings are also from Maurices, and the boots I got this past fall from Payless. I have been wearing these things to death!

I'm glad I got G to take this picture because not five minutes later it started sleeting! The weather the whole day was odd-it was frequently sleeting/flurrying while it was simultaneously sunny. That's Ohio for you.

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  1. Oh lovely! I was wondering how your Friday turned out after you told me about your plans. I'm so glad the two of you had a wonderful day! And you look absolutely stunning! G is a lucky man indeed. Your eyeshadow is perfect! I love When I Grow Up, I really need to use it more often! I'm still trying to find the perfect highlight color. I'm super pale, so it's hard for me to find one that's not too yellowy or too stark ;( Also, your outfit is so cute! And the boots are to die for! I'd wear the heck out of them if I were you, too! <3

    1. Thanks so much! I really love the Mary Lou Maninzer, it's more of a sheer gold and works just fine on my super pale skin. I also like BFTE's Canyon and Beautiful (this one looks really yellow in the jar but has a lovely pink duochrome and sheers out well.)
      I LOVE these boots. They have a zipper up the back so they look at little steampunky.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Purples work well with my green eyes, I think.

  3. Very pretty - both the outfit and the makeup. I have green eyes so I love purple eyeshadows - I have way too many of them.

    1. Thanks Dee! I agree, purple is great for green eyed gals :)

  4. This is a late post by me but I simply love the dress.

    1. Thanks Iris! I never wore dresses much until I started shopping at Maurices, they have really cute styles that I can fit into!


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