Vix Picks: Deserted Island Edition

A few days ago Jess from  Wanderlusted asked me to share some of my top products, considering I have tried so many. I am not so good at dwindling down my favorites*, especially from certain brands, but I will try. So I'm imagining that I am marooned on a deserted island, and luckily for me I'm able to carry 5 of my favorite colors/scents from various indie companies with me. Don't be confused now, on this island I will likely be curled into the corner of my grass hut in a fetal position, crying and mumbling unintelligibly about the loss of my many preciouses. Today I'm just going to do indie brands, and later on I may do general categories of holy grail items in makeup, skincare, hair, etc. These aren't necessarily selections that represent a ideal, balanced introduction into each brand for a newbie, but they are the ones that I've found most versatile or absolutely necessary for my continued existence. Here we go:

Haus of Gloi

1. Ploughman
2. Samhain
3. Moon Dog
4. The Brier Path
5. Hearth

Solstice Scents

1. Manor
2. Jack and the Devil
3. Tenebrous Mist
4. Cascade of Gold
5. ???? I can't do it. I got through 4 and then the idea of choosing just one more was too painful to bear. Maybe I should have gone with 10 choices.

Darling Clandestine

1. Small Saga
2. Inked
3. Vardogr
4. Curiosities' Ball
5. Limerence

Sweet Anthem

1. Annabelle
2. Elliot
4. Nell
5. Phoebe

Alkemia Perfumes

1. L'Ensens a la Vanille
2. Persian Tea Room
3. Hex
4. Madam Pearl
5. Smoke and Mirrors


1. Dusty Rose
2. Golden Age
3. Heat
4. Little Beach
5. Blackberry Sorbet


1. Rapunzel Had Extensions
2. Lucky Charmed
3. Evocation
4.Sloth Snuggles
5. When I Grow Up

* These favorites are subject to change...pretty much constantly.

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  1. Oh man, so many new ones to try! Moon Dog is one of my favorites as well, it always reminds me of summer, sometimes I use it in the winter when I am feeling especially lonely for warm weather!


    1. Moon Dog is fantastic! I think I will have to re-do my favorites but maybe break them down by season-I had to leave so many great ones out!

  2. Oh this is interesting!! I´m in love with Vardogr and Smoke and Mirrors too, but I haven't tried the rest of them...

  3. What a fun idea! It was neat to see the dooliedads you'd choose if stuck on a deserted island! I don't know if I could ever choose! >.<

  4. Ohhhh, Smoke & Mirrors is AMAAAAAHZING.


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