2013 Vacay: Part 2


On the second day in NYC, it was a little rainy and dreary, so I got to break out my rain jacket. We got up pretty early,  headed for the subway and first stopped by Times Square.

(Picture Heavy)

We went back to Rockefeller Center where there is a large concourse inside with restaurants and shopping. G and J felt like eating lunch by then but I was in the mood for something light so we split up and I got a smoothie and a muffin. After that we went to MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art. We had bought a combo ticket for Top of the Rock and MOMA, and it saved us a little bit of money. It was excellent timing because the only time it rained really was while we were in the museum.

It also happened to be packed when we went, partly because of the rain I think and also because it was the last day for a special exhibition of Edvard Munch's The Scream. Despite the crowds, we still really enjoyed this museum. It was truly amazing to see so many iconic pieces of modern art up close. It seemed like around every corner something breathtaking was waiting. There are also 6 floors to this museum so it definitely takes some time to get through, and towards the end my feet were starting to sing to me of their unhappiness. That combined with the brisk pace you must keep up in the subways so you aren't trampled really started to work a number on me. I have tendinitis and fasciitis, as well as super flat feet (weird fact alert: this is caused by one of my legs being just slightly longer then the other, causing me to overcompensate my whole life and uncomfortably stretch the tendons in my left foot). So, I carried a bottle of Biofreeze in my purse and was literally taking my shoes off every so often in the restrooms to apply it. If you have muscle aches or pains, it is a lifesaver!

Here's me at the very top floor, "squishing the heads" of the wee folks below. I am endlessly entertained by doing this.

What I loved most was being able to take pictures of pretty much everything except one traveling exhibit. A lot of art museums I've been to have been quite strict about their photo policies, but I got pictures of everything I wanted here. A few highlights:

Rene Magritte, The Empire of Light II

Jackson Pollock, Number 1A

Claude Monet, Water Lilies

I didn't want to bore you so I just posted a few of the pieces we saw. But I have lots of pictures and if you want to see more just ask!

After we were done at the museum we headed back to Rockefeller Center for Top of the Rock. They have a timed ticket system so that helps control the crowds. The elevator that we took to the top was awesome, the ceiling seemed solid and then as we started moving up it became transparent and you could see the elevator shaft going all the way up (70 floors!) and pictures/words were projected onto it. Our ears literally popped because of the height!

There are three floors for viewing. The 67th and 69th floor are open air but there is safety glass at the edges. The 70th floor, the very top level, doesn't have the glass. The three floors also helped spread people out so while it was busy, it never felt suffocating or like we couldn't get good pictures. It would have been nice to have clear, sunny skies, but the view was still spectacular.

That's Central Park behind me!

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Oh, and me squishing the Empire State Building. Because I had to.

The view here didn't really seem like it was all that high up, until I looked way down at the bottom and realized just how tiny the yellow cab cars were.

After Top of the Rock we went to Dylan's Candy Bar. It is bright and cheery and
rainbow-y, and they have pretty much any candy you could ever want. It's overpriced and maybe a little gimmicky, but it's so much fun too. We got there a little late after problems maneuvering on the subway, so we only had about a half hour to browse.

We went to a hole-in-the-wall Thai place for dinner that I'd read good reviews on but since they were about to close (it was almost ten by this time) the food came out a little fast, making me think it had been sitting around a while, and it was kind of bland. Actually my Massaman curry was really sweet, which wasn't bad the first few bites and then I realized the Massaman I get around home is actually much more nuanced.I felt bad because J had agreed to try Thai food (not realizing he'd already fulfilled his "exotic" food quota by having eaten morcilla) and unfortunately his introduction to Pad Thai was pale and gummy. Sadness.

By this time my feet were totally giving out on me and I was getting tired. G and J were in the mood for some beverage refreshment so they walked me back to the hotel after which they went off and perused the local establishments. I was happy to get some time to myself away from the menfolk to take a bath and relax. I almost wish I'd gone with them though because they witnessed a rowdy bar customer get told off by the bar owner, and then as they were walking back to the hotel G saw a Scientology headquarters. G has a special loathing in his heart for Scientology and has read a lot of books and done a lot of research on how disturbing and corrupt it is. Asking him about it guarantees you an amusing rant. He saw a display of L. Ron Hubbard books through the window and he wanted J to take a picture of him by it, for snark's sake. As they were doing this some Scientology security guy came out and told them they couldn't take pictures. G tried to tell him he just wanted to take a picture of the book display and was like "is that okay?" and the security guy said "Um...not really." They got a kick out of how elitist they are, and they were telling this to me around midnight after a few drinks, so it was pretty hilarious the way they told it.

Here's a view of out hotel room, which, for NYC standards, was really spacious. I've actually never seen a hotel room with this layout: it had a long hallway with a kitchen nook and the restroom off to the side before opening up into the bedroom portion. The other weird thing about it was the toilet was installed flush (ha ha) against the bathroom wall, so you had to literally sit sideways to use it. I wish I'd taken a picture of it, as I'd never seen anything like it. Whoever installed it like that had an odd sense of humor!

Part 3 coming soon!
Part 1 here

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  1. You know, it just struck me that I have never seen a skyscraper in my life... and I probably never will. The big cities of Europe are rather different! ;D

    1. I am not from a booming metropolis myself, so it can be a bit overwhelming!


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