2013 Vacay: Part 3


Now we arrive to the last couple days of our trip. Our last day in NYC we got checked out of our hotel and got our car back, then found another place to park and then got on the subway again...getting around in NYC is quite the experience!

We were so happy to have J around because he actually understands the subway system for the most part and we only got slightly lost a few times. If it had been only G and I, we would have given up and just started living down there.

This thing still looks like gibberish to me:

(picture heavy)

Our first stop of the day was  Chelsea Market. This foodie's paradise used to be the National Biscuit Company factory, so it has a very cool industrial, raw look to it, bare floors, exposed beams and pipes and the like. It's also where Food Network films some of its shows!

They have so many great places to eat here, it was hard to decide!

Me next to a waterfall/wishing well in the middle of the market:

I finally decided on a crepe and some macarons.
The crepe was full of cured Italian beef, goat cheese and asiago, and greens. The macarons were fantastic, the brownish one below was candied bacon with maple cream cheese. There was literally a slice of candied bacon wedged in there. I went back and bought two more to take with me, it was that good!

We had gone to Chelsea Market the last time we went to NYC in 2008, so I thought it would be interesting to see how I've changed since then.  I think I'm aging pretty well!

After Chelsea Market we headed to Greenwich VIllage. G wanted to see if there were still any good record stores on Bleecker Street. On the way we stopped at Grom, this yummy little gelato place. If I have a slightly pained expression on my face, it was because my feet were killing me and my boots were totally off under the table!

We did find a nice record store- complete with multiple kittehs lurking about! I always seem to stumble across cats in the weirdest places. The one on the left was monstrously huge!

After the village we got the subway to the Strand bookstore. This was heaven for me, as I love browsing old books. This place was also monstrously huge; I could have spent hours in there.  They had a selection of t-shirts from Out of Print Clothing. If you've ever wanted to rep your favorite classic book, here's your chance! I picked up a Jane Eyre shirt. These would make really thoughtful gifts, too.

It was getting late by this time and we were hungry and tired, and as we were trying to find the place we wanted to go for dinner, we ended up walking five blocks in the wrong direction. J was kind enough to suggest getting a cab, and my feet heartily agreed. G and I had actually never been in a cab before, so it was another new experience for us. Our driver was a nice Indian guy, pretty talkative and gregarious, so it was a good first experience. We got out at Clinton Street Baking Company, as we had read excellent reviews and J had a hankering to try their chicken and waffles.

I ordered a spiked bananas foster shake and a flatbread pizza with caramelized onions, tomatoes, spinach and goat cheese. Both were nomtastic!

After dinner we decided to just get a cab back to our car and it would have been a complicated endeavor getting there by subway. Our next cab driver was the exact opposite of our previous one. He drove like a maniac and we suddenly realized that the armstraps hanging in the back seat came in handy, though they looked a little odd, like some medieval torture device. He was also deathly silent the whole time, which sort of scared us and made us feel like we needed to whisper. When we finally got out J was paying with cash and the driver finally spoke, saying "you pay with cash?" J said yes, and the driver barked "So where's the cash?" J pretty much shoved the money at him, saying "here!" and we all bolted, as Mr. Valdez seemed to be a man on the edge. "So where's the cash?" quickly became the tagline of the trip.

Once we got back to the car J had to make the two hour trip back to Manchester and I was totally exhausted, about as tired as I've ever been, so I fell asleep the whole way back. I felt bad he had to focus all that time, especially since we got stuck in traffic for almost an hour too! Needless to say, by the time we got back to J's place we literally crashed and got up late. We were still tired, but we wanted to spend the afternoon in Boston, which was around an hour and a half away. We parked and then took a train into town. Since we only had a little while, we didn't feel like pushing it to see a lot, so we stayed around Faneuil Hall, a meeting and marketplace dating back to 1742 , where many important historical speeches took place. The weather was wonderful (so unlike Ohio!) and it was just a beautiful, bustling, cultural hub with lots of shops and places to eat. J and G went to see Fenway Park as well, but I decided to just stick around Faneuil Hall and shop around.

I really never share pictures of G for his privacy but I really liked this picture of us and he agreed, so here you go!

We also got to see part of Boston Harbor:

Well, that *finally!* brings me to the end of our awesome Hartford/NYC/Boston 2013 trip!
If you missed it, check out and Part 1 and Part 2.

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  1. Gotta love the cats in the record store!! I really envy you this trip, it just sounds (and looks) so awesome!

    1. Cats make everything better! It was a really great trip indeed :)

  2. You and G. are such a lovely couple! :)

    The market looks really nice, and I someday want to try macarons.

    Multi-line subways have always been confusing to me. I almost got lost when I was in Vancouver and taking their subway.

    1. Thanks Iris! Macarons are so yummy, yet they are the one dessert that has confounded me. I've tried to make them a few times and have utterly failed each time.
      The subway system is just so massive and complex, so many little nooks and crannies and weird ways to get lost. Also interesting how some areas look fairly new and somewhat clean and modern, and others are dark and derelict and falling apart. It just makes you feel like you're in this huge underground world!


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