LOTD: Coral Seashore

I am normally not a blue eyeshadow person. Not because I don't like it, but because I don't really think it looks good on me. It makes my face seem dirty and garish, somehow. Maybe this is just in my head. But this summer I think I will be using this look very frequently! It features two new products from Maybelline, a limited edition Color Whisper in I Crave Coral and a limited Color Tattoo in Seashore Frosts.

The Color Whisper is totally perfect for those who, like me, get nervous wearing anything with too much of an orange tone. This lip product is sheer but buildable, and it has a lovely coral shade that is summery and fresh but not too orange. I have been using this so much it is almost gone already, and I may have to repurchase, which I almost never do!Seashore Frosts is the only shade in the new summer line that really appealed to me, because it has a gorgeous pinky-gold duochrome and it is subtle enough that I can wear blue without feeling over the top. The combo of the baby blue/gold and the coral feels really festive to me, but still classy.

So pretty!

I used Seashore Frosts on the lid, and Inglot # 154 in the crease (Inglot reviews to come soon!). I used The Balm Mary Lou Manizer as a highlight. MUFE Aqua Liner # 14 is my eyeliner. My mascara is They're Real! from Benefit.

The Color Tattoo is interesting enough that you could easily use it alone as an all-over color wash. It is fairly sheer at first but is also buildable if you let each layer dry first. It can work as a base as well, but I still apply it over Too Faced Shadow Insurance to get more color payoff.

Maybelline Color Whisper in I Crave Coral

That's all for today, thanks for reading!

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  1. That is a perfect spring FOTD! I may check out that color tattoo, looks like a beautiful duochrome. I heart duochromes!

    1. Thanks Su! I am not really into cream shadows in general but I have been liking the Color Tattoos. Try this one if you can find it, it's really unique!

  2. You definitely shouldn't shy away from blues - it looks really pretty on you!

    As I said on FB, the only colour I really avoid in eyeshadows is yellow, but I tend to not wear light blue either because I'm old enough to have been wearing it in the 80s when it was huge, and once around is enough. I love the darker blues and the ones that lean toward indigo or teal though.

    1. Thanks! I have so many from the crazy obsessive indie eye shadow spree(with no regard for what I would realistically use or what would look good)a couple years ago that I really should try to use them more.
      Oh yes, I remember my mom using serious blue shadow on me for my ballet rectials when I was little (also in the 80's). I should post a picture of them sometime!

  3. I have been lemming Seashore Frosts ever since a saw it online a few months back. It looks phenomenal on you! Fyrinnae has a color called Jahavian Rhino (not sure about the spelling there) that's light blue with pink duo chrome that would look amazing over Seashore Frosts I think :) Regarding the comments above, I have hoarded a crap ton of indie shadow without considering what I'd use or what would look ok on me- so you're not alone. But I think we are always so hard on ourselves because you look sensational in blue <3

    1. I think I have Javan Rhino. It's a discontinued color I believe. Thank you for the compliment, Seashore Frosts is really forgiving and flattering. I have been having trouble finding the collection in stores since I stumbled across it in my local Meijer (a regional grocery chain), I am almost out of I Crave Coral and I can't find it anywhere now :(


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