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When I was in NYC last month I vowed that I would do one beauty/makeup related thing even though I was tagging along with two guys with absolutely no interest whatsoever in such things. So, I had to fit it in somewhere with a minimum of backtracking or disruption to our main itinerary. There were several really beautiful looking Sephoras along the way but I can go to Sephora or order online anytime, so I didn't want to waste precious time there. When doing research into this matter I discovered that on the fifth floor of the Chelsea Market building there is an Inglot Cosmetics. I have seen rave reviews about Inglot online numerous times but since there are no stores anywhere near me I never investigated further. Since we were going to Chelsea Market anyway I figured it would be a perfect time to try this brand.

I checked out their website to see what kinds of shadows I would be interested in but that is honestly one of the major downsides to online ordering -the product images are really not very good and it's very hard to tell what the shades actually look like. There are plenty of swatches online from various bloggers which help, but the website definitely needs more interactive, intuitive searching and product descriptions.

I decided up front that I was mostly interested in a small Freedom Palette, and if I liked the quality I would perhaps try other products online later. Their Freedom System consists of magnetic palettes of varying shapes and quantities, which you fill with products of your choosing, including eye shadows, lipsticks, concealers, brow powders and waxes, etc. I haven't used pressed shadows ever since I discovered loose mineral shadows a few years ago and I wasn't sure what to expect in regards to pigmentation, wear time, etc., but I was eager to try them out.

While we were there we split up for an hour so I could shop in peace. I took the elevator up to the fifth floor and realized quickly that I was virtually the only customer there, aside from one person having makeup applied by an employee, which was pretty shocking given the fact that most places in NYC are packed to the gills. It was strange to be somewhere so quiet! This location is a makeup studio/photography set as well as a retail store, so if I hadn't read beforehand that it was open to the public, I would have thought I wasn't allowed in. But I knew better, and sauntered in like I knew what I was doing, and started swatching to my heart's delight. An employee offered assistance to me, but didn't hover or try to sell me anything, which was nice.

Look at all the pretty colors!

The eyeshadows pans are magnetic, and they have little magnetic boards for you to place your selections on, which helps you decide which colors go well together. Then when you are finished composing your palette they go the storeroom and get your products for you.

I ended up buying four shadows and one Freedom Palette. They come packaged very securely in plastic trays that have a little air cushion in them for protection.

The magnets securing the pans are very strong, but I found I could lift them out fairly easily using a safety pin if I wanted to rearrange them.

The assembled palette. Inglot shades don't have names, rather numbers, which is a little boring and makes them a bit hard to remember. You also can't see what the number is unless you take the pan out of the palette, so it comes in handy that I put the numbers here in this picture!

I don't care for matte shadows that much, so I gravitated towards the shimmery/shiny/pearlescent shades.

I found the color payoff to be excellent, and I also had no problems whatsoever with fallout, which was a huge plus for me. I had to get used to the difference that, unlike some loose shadows that are layered and thusly need special "patting" application, I could swipe these on, build up the color, and not have the color change or break down on me at all.

This completed palette ended up costing me 34 dollars before tax. Each eyeshadow is 6 dollars, and the palette is 10 dollars. Each shadow contains, on average, around 2.6 grams of product, and they will really last me a long time.

Here is a quick look using all four shades. I have been using 154 most regularly, it has become one of my favorite shades to use on my lid along with various browns in the crease. It's a really lovely light golden, shimmery metallic shade.

I've been really impressed by these and I've already ordered once online. I'll post about that experience soon!

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  1. You chose really pretty colours.

    The price isn't too bad for the items. I love those magnetic palettes. I have a non-branded one and it's great for holding pressed eyeshadows. Next time I'm in the States, I may stop by an Inglot shop.

    1. I think the price is quite good, it's just the palettes that can make things add up. I considered getting one that holds a lot more, but I like the 4-5 shadow palettes as they're more portable. The eyeshadows are really generously sized. I think it's worth a stop if you're near one!

  2. I'm glad you got to visit an Inglot store! We have a couple here in Vegas. I got a Freedom palatte too, but mine was in circular shapes for the shadows. It was like 25 bucks I think, but I added a brush for 10 dollars. Anyways, I love the colors you chose! And I love your makeup looks, as always :)

    1. Good to see you back doll! Hope you are doing better :) Yeah, it seemes like they are mostly around big cities but now that I've seen them in person I feel more comfortable ordering online (as if I need any more makeup!)

  3. Such a gorgeous look! I love the golden shimmer in particular, but all the colours look awesome.


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