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This will probably seem like a shamelessly biased rave post about Darling Clandestine, but that's okay. I can live with that. Really I just wanted to save some photos here that I entered for a recent Facebook contest. I won some free items and a hefty discount on my next order, so as you can imagine, I'm pretty stoked about that and am feeling particularly warm and fuzzy towards DC at the moment. But it's really just another example of what an awesome legacy for great customer service Evonne (the owner) is building with her brand. I keep having great experiences with my purchases. I have several examples:

1. A few months ago I made a purchase of two solid scents and two full size oils. My order was still within the 7 day TAT when Evonne had a one-day-only flash sale with a buy 2, get 1 free deal for oils and solids. Evonne wrote me on Etsy and asked me if I wanted to take advantage of that deal and request a free solid and oil. Did I ever! How awesome is that? I hadn't ordered really anywhere near the time of that sale and never for a moment expected to be contacted to participate. I think because my order hadn't shipped yet, and because it was a BOGO-type sale rather than a %-off type sale that she considered it eligible. Whatever the reasoning, I was thrilled about it! When I got my order, one of my solid scents had a little leaf-token in it, which is a common DC contest/promotion. If you find such a trinket in your solid scent, you get a free one! This equaled more warm and fuzzies for me!

2. Another order in the past few months was delayed slightly by supply issues, and by slightly, I mean, a mere few days after the standard 7 day TAT. Evonne wrote to let me know and promised to make it up to me (when really a heads-up would have totally sufficed). When I got my order she had included 2 full size lip balms. And her lip balms are huge, in cute sliding tins! 

3.Evonne often includes samples, but she is also a master of the art of the upgrade. With my last order I ordered two oils and a solid scent. She upgraded my solid scent to a full size oil AND included an extra solid scent (Love and Sharks, which rather, um, clandestinely, happened to be a scent I'd been wanting to try but wasn't listed in the shop at the time of my order.)

That really did read like some terribly lame and sentimental love letter, but it's all true! I've got nothing but love for DC!

So, if you like DC and haven't liked her on Facebook yet, do it! She has frequent contests and there's almost always some sort of coupon code floating around. But that's how she reels you in, folks. Be warned. I've gotten quite addicted. I'm especially looking forward to the Halloween collection coming back (according to FB posts, September 30th). Last fall when I was first trying DC out, I thought the notes in the four scents sounded a little weird and maybe not something I'd be interested in. I hadn't learned yet to never discount a scent based on the description because it almost always surprises and delights. I *may try* to hold on to my coupon code until the Halloween release and do a huge order then.

So, I took some pictures for the last contest she had on Facebook, where she asked us to take pictures of our collections using several themes/ categories. I, being indecisive and over-zealous, took pictures for every category. This was allowed per the instructions, but after I saw everyone else only entering one each, I felt a little obnoxious, like Hermione Granger waving her insufferable know-it-all hand in the air. But, since there weren't a ton of entries, this worked in my favor, so I got over any awkward feelings quickly!

Luckily the morning Evonne posted the rules for the contest G and I already had plans for the day to go to places that would provide really nice backdrops for pictures: a local dairy with awesome ice cream, a nearby state park with lots of walking trails, and one of the few colorful, edgy, progressive hippie hamlets in our area. G was very patient while I took a gazillion shots for each one in an attempt to get it just right. Here they are:

DC Hot Date: I chose Inked because it's a super sexy, perfect for date night scent. I took this in a rambling, messy, wonderful book store in Yellow Springs, Ohio, because most of our dates involve browsing book stores. And also because of books...Inked...get it?

DC Shapes: I'm really proud of this one! This was taken in this mysterious looking old stone waterworks-in-the-woods area in Yellow Springs at the bottom of a mossy stone staircase. I had to get down on the ground to be level with the bitsy vial, I was on a little crumbling stone bridge that goes over the waterworks. There is steep drop-off right beyond the vial.  I think this represents Vardogr perfectly: The shape of the tunnel is a little unnerving; it's hard to tell where the reflections end and reality begins. Vardogr is unusual, but once you spend some time with it, it makes perfect sense.

DC Road Trip: This was just a cute one of G eating ice cream at  Young's Jersey Dairy along with Small Saga, which is a great road trip scent.

DC Back in Time: I have pictures of me when I was little playing on these tractors at the dairy. They still have them set up for the kids to play on, and I would pretend to drive, not knowing where, just somewhere far away. Harpy has that sense of summer wanderlust too.

DC  Pairs: I got this shot deep in the woods in John Bryan State Park. I chose Curiosities Ball and Serpentina because together they are so...green. Spicy, mysterious, vibrant.

I posted one more just for kicks and giggles. I couldn't decide what category it would go under but I really liked it. I took this in the creek right next to our apartment (one of the place's few perks), and thought it reflected Mishigami very well.
That is all for today, folks! G and I are going out of town tomorrow for a couple of days. I won't tell you why yet, but it is very exciting for us and I will be sure to do a special post about it. Have a great weekend all!

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  1. Wow- you are seriously SO talented, my dear LV! I loved all of these pictures to pieces, though I have to say my favorites are Shapes, Pairs, and Mishigami. I am terribly biased about nature-related photos though, I even spend insane amounts of time reblogging nature photos on tumblr. My body is in the city, my heart is in the woods! I can tell you spent a lot of time making all these photos absolutely perfect! You deserve the free items and discount!! Enjoy your trip tomorrow- i'm excited to hear about it!! <3

    1. Thank you! I loved practicing taking more "arty" shots than I normally take. I really love the one with Vardogr, that feeling of things made by humans being overtaken by nature. I know you get what I mean, like in LOTR with all the ancient stonework/statues gathering moss in the forests, I LOVE THAT! I'm tempted to go back and take another one without the perfume and just blow it up and frame it.
      I will post mass quantities of pictures from our weekend, I'm sure. It's kind of a big deal!

  2. I saw those pictures on the facebook page and adored them! The Vardogr one especially!! I am just now eagerly awaiting my Vardogr oil bottle! (And a bottle of Aequitas! I mean who can say no to preorder sale + 30% off?) Yeah, DC customer service is something else! Totally on another level!! I've probably raved about my first order before but that one got more than doubled with free stuff, just because it was delayed in the holiday rush. My second order also included a full size solid, of a scent that I had expressed interest in, as a freebie! With my latest order I have not expressed an interest in any scents, and there is no delay that I know of but if I know Evonne there wil probably be impressive free stuff anyway! ;D <3

    1. Thank you Nadja! I'm glad you liked them! I know Vardogr wasn't quite weird enough for you (I like that it doesn't cross the line from unsettling to bizarre and unwearable), but I think we both agree it's still quite unique and evocative :) I always appreciate it when etailers rouse enthusiasm and interest in their brand with contests and such, but I especially like that hers involve a little more creativity than just "sharing" a page or something like that. Much more fun!
      I am sure she will find some way to exceed expectations on your next order, somehow she always does! She might know what you want before you do lol ;)

  3. Fabulous photos! And how awesome is that customer service?


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