I waited in the most sincere pumpkin patch I could find, hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive Great Pumpkin (and to maybe snag a candy or two). Finally, my patience paid off because...guys...the Great Pumpkin showed up and gave me something even better...a massive, gargantuan cornucopia of olfactory delights...a Darling Clandestine order!!!

This order was the culmination of winning some sweet prizes and a hefty discount code from DC's photo contest a couple months ago, which I shared my contributions to here. I decided to use the code and do a big order with my freebies all at once, resulting in this:
Today's LOTD is inspired by grungy, rustic fall days spent traipsing about corn fields and pumpkin patches and maybe ducking into a quaint antique shop for some laid-back browsing. Super casual, soft, and cozy. My favorite sort of day.

Here's the look!

My makeup base included Meow Cosmetic's Mineral Foundation in Sleek Sphynx (my all time favorite mineral foundation), Revlon ColorStay Concealer, Bare Escentuals Clear Radiance, and NYX blush in Summer Peach. I wore NYX Butter Gloss in Maple Blondie on my lips. 

On my eyes I wore Sloth Snuggles from Fyrinnae on my lid (over Too Faced Shadow Insurance, of course). In the crease I wore Dusty Rose from BFTE and as a highlight, per usual, Mary Lou Manizer from The Balm. For my liner I wore NYX Slide On Eye Pencil in Jewel but went over it with Ulta's Extreme Wear Gel Liner in Perfection to darken it a bit. I brought Sloth Snuggles under my eye as a light liner too. I used Maybelline's Volum' Express the Colossal Cat Eyes for my mascara.

My OOTD was all from Mauriceswhich is where I buy most of my clothes. I was worried this would come off too Christmas-y, with the cranberry/evergreen combo, but I like it. If anything it reminds me of a plaid babydoll dress I had circa 1994 (grungyfacepalm). I think this works a little better, at least for me! I realized for some reason I don't own any colored pants that aren't jeans or black, gray, brown, or navy work pants, but I wanted these Burgundy cord jeggings as soon as I saw them. They fit really well and are comfortable, and they tuck into the new boots nicely (also from Maurices).

Here's all the clothing I've bought this fall, except for some jeans and a striped Henley shirt I got from JC Penny mostly because they've resumed sending out those handy-dandy  $10 off $25 coupons again and I was able to get those super cheap.

I adore the green floral dress and have been pairing it with brown or wine colored tights and boots.  The purple paisley print top is really sheer but the pattern matches with multiple camisoles I have. It goes well with teal, maroon, and purple especially.

This was my last big clothing splurge for a while. I've found myself back on a seriously tight budget so I'm going to try focusing on enjoying/reworking things I have in the clothing/makeup/perfume areas that I am so ridiculously fond of and keeping my indie orders more modest. I will try to not see it as deprivation but as a challenge and a reminder to be mindful and appreciative of what I do have! That's the plan, at least. We'll see how it goes! I still have some earlier fall hauls to share with you, so stay tuned for that!

Hi everyone! For our 11th anniversary last Saturday, G and I went to Bear's Mill for their annual autumn open house. It's this historical working mill, with lots of beautiful nature and art and gifts, and during the open house they have musicians and food, brats and pumpkin cookies and homemade caramels, all kinds of nomtastic goodness. They have lots of foodie gifts, too. We got some apple cider syrup, fresh ground coffee, and I picked up a pack of !chocolate! linguine (paired with a recipe for mole chicken).

We went last year and the weather was quintessential, picturesque autumn:crisp air, blue skies, bright leaves, smoke from the bonfires, the whole shebang. This year was miserable and rainy, but not even chilly, Sleepy Hollow-ish rain, but humid, icky, decidedly
 non-autumnal rain. We could have skipped it, but we are stubborn and went anyway. There was still a decent crowd, and the folk musicians were troopers, getting rained on while they played their guitar and hammered dulcimer while we sat under a tent and tried to keep the bees away from our coffees. 

I did an autumn leaves inspired look for the day:

Here's what I used:

Lid: Dragon Slayer from BFTE
Outer Corner and Crease: Inglot #12
Liner: Lucky Charmed from Fyrinnae/ Ulta Extreme Wear Gel Eyeliner in Perfection
Highlight: The Balm Mary Lou Manizer
Mascara: Maybelline Volum' Express The Colossal Cat Eyes 
Lips: Maybelline Color Whisper in I Crave Coral
For my face, I used Dr. Jart Premium BB Cream, Revlon Colorstay Concealer, Bare Escentuals Clear Radiance, and NYX Blush in Summer Peach. 

I didn't take many pictures at the mill since it was so dismal out. See here the lovely chalk sign they made, faded and smeared from all the rain:

The walking paths were too soggy to traverse, but they still had the outside decorated festively:

So, it was a good day though not quite ideal. Hopefully we'll get to do some other 
autumn-inspired activities this month and the weather will cooperate!

Today I bring you...wait for it...a haul! Shocking, I know. I had hinted in my last post that I had already ordered from Sugar and Spite Bathery again after a very promising first order, and I was not disappointed this time either! Check out the presentation here, isn't it just gorgeous?


I got: 
Full size oils in Mala Suerte
Kalopsia  Sugar Polish
Goblin Body Milk
Lothario Shaving Soap
Lothario Lotion (FREEBIE!!!)
Perfume sampler: Mathilda, Ichabod, and Kalopsia

This order also came with lots of candy, and had the same festive, quirky look that my first order had. Most of these scents I already reviewed in the last post, but concerning the body products:

The lotion has a really lovely formula. It has the texture of a creamy yogurt, but it feels very light and cool and soaks in quickly. It's not as heavy and thick as say, Haus of Gloi's Pumpkin Butter or Solstice Scents' body ganache, but it is still very moisturizing. I got mine in Goblin, which is a beautiful honey/floral/vanilla scent that goes nicely with lots of my perfumes. The fragrance is present but not overpowering.

I usually don't care for emulsified scrubs, I prefer clean rinsing bubbling scrubs. This one is a nice balance. It is more hard packed than some oil-based scrubs I've tried, but it's still pretty soft once you start using it. It's got a good abrasive scrub to it, I hate when scrub grains dissolve and disappear without ever feeling like they actually did anything. It does leave a bit of oil behind but it's not a greasy oil slick. The Kalopsia scent is yummy, smokey, spicy, honey. Very nice!

Mala Suerte
Spicy carnation, White Musk, and a top of the line Indian amber. 

This was a Friday the 13th exclusive scent, but I believe it will return in December. I have always had a strange relationship with carnations, and as much as I try to condition myself to perceive it differently-I just can't. I like it a lot, but it has a tinge of melancholy and haunting wistfulness that I simply can't shake. I can't think of any other note that consistently affects me the same way, it's very bizarre. But still, this scent is great! It's buttery and rich and a little spicy from the carnation, and has that creepy haunting edge that I am trying to embrace rather than shy away from. I am glad I took a chance and bought this!

Darjeeling teal leaves, polished wood, spice, and a spike of blood orange.

G and I will be celebrating our !!!*11th*!!! anniversary tomorrow and I was putting together a little gift for him and picked up this shaving soap. I haven't opened it so I can only smell it a little-but luckily Lysa was kind enough to give me a whole tub of Lothario lotion as a freebie! I can't wait to give G this! I also got him Loggia (formerly Monster Mash) perfume oil from Solstice Scents and a Timber Wood butterbomb from Haus of Gloi, so I think he will be a smelly happy camper. The lotion is a classic, woodsy/spicy scent that leans traditionally masculine but seems like it would be very easily accessible and wearable by women, too.

 a perfectly perfect marriage of juicy red apple, hay, sweet figs, and skin musk.

I was surprised I liked this so much. It's a super fresh, sparkling apple scent with a sexy muskiness to it. I think this would be a great choice for newcomers to indie scents that would usually go for the cutesy, fruity Bath and Body Works scents. This seems like it would be just a baby step outside that comfort zone, interesting but comfortable. I don't have my sample anymore to compare, but I think if you liked TMTM's Voix de Ville, you would probably like this.

Raw, sweet honey, amber syrup, ancient spices, and black tea leaves.

This is an amalgam of spicy/sweet honey and tea. It has a pungently dry, antique-store feel to it for me. I like this as a scrub but it may be a little too strong for me as a perfume.

Creamy pumpkin, 3 pines, moss and dark, raw vanilla.

This is another easily unisex scent. It makes me think of soft, dark, green beds of moss in shadowy, mysterious forests. But it is also creamy and a little sweet from the pumpkin and vanilla. This is beautiful but I think I would to smell this on G rather than myself. 

And finally, a closeup of the bottle Seymour arrived in!

It came sealed with red wax and I peeled off just enough to be able to open it, and left the rest attached to the tiny cork to serve as a wee handle. I am just in love with this bottle! It makes me feel like I'm some mad, brilliant apothecary in a chamber full of aged books, cauldrons and bubbling concoctions. That said, it's pretty impractical for someone who likes to tote way too many perfumes on her person at one time. It just feels too delicate and fragile, so it must stay safely on my crammed perfume shelf. These would make lovely gifts though, this is the only bottle I have in this style and I think it's just so precious!

That's all for today folks! Thanks for reading!
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