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Today I bring you...wait for it...a haul! Shocking, I know. I had hinted in my last post that I had already ordered from Sugar and Spite Bathery again after a very promising first order, and I was not disappointed this time either! Check out the presentation here, isn't it just gorgeous?


I got: 
Full size oils in Mala Suerte
Kalopsia  Sugar Polish
Goblin Body Milk
Lothario Shaving Soap
Lothario Lotion (FREEBIE!!!)
Perfume sampler: Mathilda, Ichabod, and Kalopsia

This order also came with lots of candy, and had the same festive, quirky look that my first order had. Most of these scents I already reviewed in the last post, but concerning the body products:

The lotion has a really lovely formula. It has the texture of a creamy yogurt, but it feels very light and cool and soaks in quickly. It's not as heavy and thick as say, Haus of Gloi's Pumpkin Butter or Solstice Scents' body ganache, but it is still very moisturizing. I got mine in Goblin, which is a beautiful honey/floral/vanilla scent that goes nicely with lots of my perfumes. The fragrance is present but not overpowering.

I usually don't care for emulsified scrubs, I prefer clean rinsing bubbling scrubs. This one is a nice balance. It is more hard packed than some oil-based scrubs I've tried, but it's still pretty soft once you start using it. It's got a good abrasive scrub to it, I hate when scrub grains dissolve and disappear without ever feeling like they actually did anything. It does leave a bit of oil behind but it's not a greasy oil slick. The Kalopsia scent is yummy, smokey, spicy, honey. Very nice!

Mala Suerte
Spicy carnation, White Musk, and a top of the line Indian amber. 

This was a Friday the 13th exclusive scent, but I believe it will return in December. I have always had a strange relationship with carnations, and as much as I try to condition myself to perceive it differently-I just can't. I like it a lot, but it has a tinge of melancholy and haunting wistfulness that I simply can't shake. I can't think of any other note that consistently affects me the same way, it's very bizarre. But still, this scent is great! It's buttery and rich and a little spicy from the carnation, and has that creepy haunting edge that I am trying to embrace rather than shy away from. I am glad I took a chance and bought this!

Darjeeling teal leaves, polished wood, spice, and a spike of blood orange.

G and I will be celebrating our !!!*11th*!!! anniversary tomorrow and I was putting together a little gift for him and picked up this shaving soap. I haven't opened it so I can only smell it a little-but luckily Lysa was kind enough to give me a whole tub of Lothario lotion as a freebie! I can't wait to give G this! I also got him Loggia (formerly Monster Mash) perfume oil from Solstice Scents and a Timber Wood butterbomb from Haus of Gloi, so I think he will be a smelly happy camper. The lotion is a classic, woodsy/spicy scent that leans traditionally masculine but seems like it would be very easily accessible and wearable by women, too.

 a perfectly perfect marriage of juicy red apple, hay, sweet figs, and skin musk.

I was surprised I liked this so much. It's a super fresh, sparkling apple scent with a sexy muskiness to it. I think this would be a great choice for newcomers to indie scents that would usually go for the cutesy, fruity Bath and Body Works scents. This seems like it would be just a baby step outside that comfort zone, interesting but comfortable. I don't have my sample anymore to compare, but I think if you liked TMTM's Voix de Ville, you would probably like this.

Raw, sweet honey, amber syrup, ancient spices, and black tea leaves.

This is an amalgam of spicy/sweet honey and tea. It has a pungently dry, antique-store feel to it for me. I like this as a scrub but it may be a little too strong for me as a perfume.

Creamy pumpkin, 3 pines, moss and dark, raw vanilla.

This is another easily unisex scent. It makes me think of soft, dark, green beds of moss in shadowy, mysterious forests. But it is also creamy and a little sweet from the pumpkin and vanilla. This is beautiful but I think I would to smell this on G rather than myself. 

And finally, a closeup of the bottle Seymour arrived in!

It came sealed with red wax and I peeled off just enough to be able to open it, and left the rest attached to the tiny cork to serve as a wee handle. I am just in love with this bottle! It makes me feel like I'm some mad, brilliant apothecary in a chamber full of aged books, cauldrons and bubbling concoctions. That said, it's pretty impractical for someone who likes to tote way too many perfumes on her person at one time. It just feels too delicate and fragile, so it must stay safely on my crammed perfume shelf. These would make lovely gifts though, this is the only bottle I have in this style and I think it's just so precious!

That's all for today folks! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great haul! Goblin - honey/floral sounds wonderful. Checking out the store now.
    I love the apothecary vial bottles too! I have one from Villainess and yes, it is impractical.
    Happy 11 anniversary to you and G :) x

    1. Thanks Su! Those bottles are so cute, but I am so afraid of breaking them and probably don't wear it as much as I would if I could carry it around with me. Lysa's on a roll though, she's doing an excellent job with her comeback.

  2. Thanks for sharing your haul! You're making me really want to try her new company, this post and your other Sugar and Spite post have so many smellies that sound delightful :) That bottle of Seymour is so freaking awesome!

    Happy 11th anniversary to you and G!!

    1. Do it! I know you would like her stuff! All the cool kids do! *peer pressure for good rather than ill* lol


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