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It's a sad time in indie makeup-land, folks. BFTE has recently given notice that they will be closing shop on January 31st for an undetermined amount of time. This closure could be permanent, or they could possibly reopen in the future under new management. The owner, Crystal, has been a one-woman show for seven years and it seems like she's burned out and ready for a break, which is totally understandable. I've seen the company's popularity explode on Facebook in recent years and it seems like it would be really overwhelming for such a small business. I honestly haven't been as active on their page and haven't bought much in the last year because my collection is quite huge and I have tried to focus on just using what I have, and the debut of Facebook's timeline feature really cut down on the interactive aspects to their page (not as many people posting looks,  liking, asking questions, etc., simply because it wasn't as convenient to see those posts.) 

But BFTE is still my first indie love. I happened upon them in the autumn of 2010 when searching for a rainbow cake recipe and happened upon Leesha's Rainbow Eye Look. I was transfixed and though I had never really been interested in colorful makeup, and had never bought indie, I decided I had to try this brand out. And with one order I was hooked. From there I branched out to other indie makeup brands, and then to perfume and bath and body products. So BFTE will always have a warm fuzzy place in my heart for opening up such a wonderful new world to me, and I'm truly saddened to see them go. While there is a possibility they will reopen in the future, I'm not going to count on it, and I will tear apart the couch cushions for enough money to get their final collection, which will be on sale tomorrow for $25.00, called Altered Time. I must get this collection because it is possibly their last, yes, and also because it appears to have a Steampunk inspired aesthetic, and the swatches on their Facebook page look just my style. 

If you are kicking yourself for never having tried BFTE, or are wanting to also make a final order, here are my absolute favorite and most often used shades from them that appear to still be available at this posting:

Dusty Rose
Golden Age
Blackberry Sorbet
Dew Drop

It appears that on Monday items will be taken off the site as they sell out, so I would recommend making your order as soon as possible, and while their TAT is usually pretty fast, I would allow some extra time as I have a feeling they will be quite bombarded with orders. Fingers crossed that all runs smoothly as they make this transition. With a heavy heart, all, until next time.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I'll see if I'm able to pick up an eye primer, a mineral veil, and a few other cosmetic items. I've been meaning to try their items but it's somehow kept slipping my mind.


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