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I need to get back in the swing of blogging, so I'm going to tackle a post I've been meaning to do forever but the idea has been just too daunting-my indie perfume and bath and body collection-the whole enchilada. Having been needing a pick-me-up, organizing and rediscovering all my preciouses really did the trick. I have found the absolutely most wonderful perfume bottle/sample storage solution, so I'm going to share that with you today as well.

(Picture Heavy)
 Behold, dear readers, my revolving tower of olfactory joyyyyyy!

I can't rave about this product enough, seriously. It was a splurge for me, but worth every penny. It's from Azar Displays, which specializes in point-of-purchase displays for businesses. They have them in one and two level styles as well if your collection is more modest, but I was shocked at how quickly I filled this one up! This one costs $31.00, shipping brought my total to around $46.00, but I would buy it again in a heartbeat. First off, it has 108 individual 1-inch diameter slots, which fit most indie bottles perfectly. They also store about 6-7 standard sample vials each securely and neatly. I love that each slot is separate, so you aren't going to knock a bunch over trying to pull out one. No more messy, leaking samples! It's compact, each rack revolves, and everything is easily accessible and visible. And basically, it's just a thing of beauty. I could sit and stare at it forever. *cue sky parting, sunbeam descending, and heavenly angels singing*

I have full size bottles here from Solstice Scents, Haus of Gloi, Alkemia, Darling Clandestine, Sweet Anthem, Midnight Gypsy, Sugar and Spite, The Morbid the Merrier, and Twyla Perfumes, and they all fit. Only one that doesn't is Vortex from Darling Clandestine, it's just a little too chubby. Any 1-inch diameter or less bottle will fit perfectly.

A few more shots from different angles. If you see any that you want my thoughts on, just ask! I will try to put together a list of all my full sizes, but that project is for another day.


It's a new day, so I've gone ahead and made up a list of my full size perfumes. I also included a few other formats like my solid scents and glace mists. I didn't include the more quickly used-up products like soap, samples, scrubs, etc. 

Check out my list HERE!

And now, let's move inside to my wall o' bath and body stuffs:

I know it's a little, uh, large, but in my defense, please keep in mind I've been collecting these since 2011!
Not pictured is a Haus whipped soap in Cozy Sweater and a bubbling scrub in Odette, because they're in the shower.

And then, here are my glace mists from Solstice Scents and a glass container for my Haus Butterbombs. I have one Haus Hair Oil in Samhain. I only have one, even though I like it a lot, my hair is very fine and I only need literally a drop at a time, and it just wouldn't make sense for me to get a bunch of these. They are really great for dry spots on your body though! 

Next up is my box of custom scents from Haus of Gloi, and a collection of solid scents from Darling Clandestine. Not pictured is a body balm in Maudlin and Bedlam from DC, it's at work and I can't open the lid for the life of me. I gave up and honestly forgot about it.

Not all of my samples would actually fit in my tower, so I'm still keeping some of them in old Altoids tins. I've found that Solstice Scents are the least likely to leak, so I left all of my older ones from when I first started collecting in these, and tried keeping my newer samples in the tower. A lot of the labels on these have worn off, before I realized I needed to tape them! Also pictured is last year's Gardenia Enfleurage from Solstice Scents. 

Here is a small box of Sweet Anthem sample bottles. Unfortunately most of the labels on these have worn off, they were a little leaky too.

And finally, here is the whole corner of our bedroom dedicated to indie smellies. It was quite the sense of accomplishment getting it this organized, because I can assure you it did not look this good a while back. You should have seen it before I got the tower, it was a disaster area! If you need a new organization method, I highly recommend this one!

So, is this the Lord of the Collections, or have you seen bigger? Let me know if you have any questions too!

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  1. That is one very impressive collection! I should get a storage rack like this for my perfumes.

    1. Thanks! It is such a great storage rack, I love just looking at it, and I love how easy-to-reach everything is too.

  2. Wow, stunning collection!! The display tower is lovely.

  3. In the second photo, on the, what looks to be second rack, what brand are the clear bottles with the silver caps?

    1. Those are 10 ml Eau de Parfum from Sweet Anthem. The scents I have are Lolita, Phoebe, and Juliet. They have a seasonal scent subscription service that is worth checking out if you are interested in the brand!


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