My Fourth of July: LOTD and More

Yesterday's holiday was mostly mellow for me. Since G just started a new job we haven't been able to spend much time together this week, so it was nice to have a free day with each other. Neither of our families had any plans, so we were on our own. I went to the store, and then we stopped by the local arboretum to walk around for a few minutes. A cool story about that arboretum:
We were walking a week or so ago, on a fairly high-traffic paved path near a big pond, when I saw something odd on the ground. I tend to look down when I walk because I also tend to trip over my feet. This time my habit came in handy, because
 when I stopped to inspect, I realized the small object was a 
baby turtle. Seriously, a baby, no bigger than a silver dollar. I called for G, who had already walked ahead of me. It was just sitting there in the middle of the path, not moving, and it was a hot, sunny day. I touched it, whispering "please don't be dead." And then, it poked its head out! We were so relieved. I picked it up, literally between my thumb and finger, and took it down to the pond, which would have been a very long trek indeed for the wee turtle crossing the road. I set it on the stones next to the pond, waited, and then the little guy (or girl) seemed to come alive and jumped right into the water and immediately began paddling! It was so awesome! There was no way it would have survived otherwise, it was too hot and too many people walk that path, he would have been crushed for sure. We still have no idea how he ended up there anyway, so far from the water. Basically an amazing experience. G christened our little buddy Turtlewax. We go to walk at that park a couple times a week; we haven't seen him again, but then again he was very small.

Anyway, for the day I did I really simple eye look. I used Fyrinnae's Rapunzel Had Extensions on the lid and Velveteen Werewolf in the crease, their Center Stage highlighter as a highlight. I used my usual Ulta Extreme Wear Gel Liner in Perfection. On my face I used Dr. Jart's Premium BB Cream and also some products I picked up from NYX during their 40% off sale, namely their powder Illuminator in Magnetic and their Dark Circle Concealer. So far I really like them both!

On my lips I used Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Coral Crush, which I received in one of my Birchboxes. I love this lip balm so much. It looks sort of shockingly orange in the tube but it's very wearable for me, and the color is buildable. It has a really yummy vanilla smell too.

My hair is wavy today, thanks to Got2B Beach Trippin' wave spray. I'm really liking this, it's one of the few sprays that can bring out my natural wave without getting too crunchy or frizzy. It makes my hair a little more matte than I'd like ideally, but that is part of the salty aesthetic. 

Here's the pond at the arboretum. We'll just pretend that this is Turtlewax, and he just happened to trip into some primordial ooze that made him grow huge like overnight.

I've also got an OOTD for you. I'm proud of this one, because I got a ridiculous deal on it. Commence obnoxious bragging: I got this cardi and dress from JCP on clearance. I had a ten dollar reward and also a regular 15% off coupon I was able to stack with it. Clearance items were an extra 25% off their lowest price. After all the discounts, I ended up paying $6.35. 
For both items.
According to my receipt, I saved over 80 dollars from regular price. I normally don't wear blue, but the blue/bright, almost neon orange chevron print appealed to me in a 
prim, vintage sort of way. The belt was one I already had.

Cue awkward hand-on-hip pose and obligatory water bottle photobomb

After we went home we had a little grill-out, just the two of us. Simple but good- some BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, and some pasta with pesto. Nomtastic. I just recently learned how to use the the charcoal grill. My parents got a gas one and gifted us their little grill. I used to be nervous about grilling because I thought we weren't allowed to in our apartment complex. But I just pull it to the sidewalk which is about ten feet from our door, and no one's said anything. You can't see my head in this pic because by this time I was sweaty, with my glasses on and hair pulled back, and it wasn't a super cute look. But damn, the food sure was good. I needed a cocktail dessert by the end of the night so I got all mad scientist and threw together: 1 6 oz container of raspberries, 1 cup of raspberry sherbet, a few ice cubes, and 2/3 cup of vodka and let it whirl in the blender. It made about a cup for each of us. Very tart, very bright. Wish I strained it, as there were too many seeds. But otherwise, a success. I would make it again.

So, that was my holiday. Hope you all had a great one!

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