40th Birchbox Anniversary Haul


Recently it came to my attention that I have been subscribing to Birchbox for 40 boxes, which is...a really long time. I got my first box in April, 2011. Now that is devotion! I must say that even though some boxes excite me more than others, the points system is a huge, huge perk, and makes it worthwhile enough for me to stick with them. Speaking of perks, a few weeks back they emailed me a 40% off code for, 40 boxes and all. That is a really huge discount, and I had some points accumulated too, so I planned to take advantage of the code. The first time I tried to use it though, it would only take off 25%, so I wrote customer service and they got back with me quickly, and they realized there was a technical glitch with it that they needed to work on. They were super nice and helpful about it, and once I tried again a couple days later, the code worked properly.

I got:

Paula’s Choice RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer with Retinol
theBalm® cosmetics Cindy-Lou Manizer
Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner Exclusive Set in
Metallic Black, Brown, Olive, Gold
It's a 10® Miracle Leave-In Product Lite
Hollywood Fashion Secrets® Hollywood Fashion Tape

My total before discounts came to $99.98. After the 40% off coupon and redeeming 300 reward points, I paid just $29.99 for everything!

Unfortunately when I received my order, it was missing the Sumita eyeliner set. I contacted CS again and they credited my account 100 points (or the equivalent of ten dollars in the shop) without me even asking, and shipped the set the next day via two day shipping. 

I got the moisturizer in one of my boxes and really liked it. I try to only use it at night as the retinol can make my skin more sun-sensitive.

The Balm CIndy-Lou Manizer is the peachy-pink counterpart to their champagne tinted Mary Lou Manizer, which was one of my all-time favorite brow highlighters, until G accidentally dropped it in the toilet. I decided to try this one as a potential substitute for my favorite all-over face highlighter, Bare Minerals Clear Radiance. When I got this it had a small chunk broken out of the compact, and now I have to be extra careful because it breaks up and gets messy very, very easily. It's not a dupe for Clear Radiance, it has more of a frosty peachy-pink sheen, with no sparkles. It's pigmented, so I can only use it all over if I apply it very lightly. I like it and it will hold me over until I can get Clear Radiance again.

I've never tried the It's a 10 brand, but I needed a leave-in conditioner to use after swimming that would help detangle and not weigh my hair down. I really like this! It smells strongly of lilac at first, but it fades quickly. It does make my wet hair easier to comb out and I haven't noticed my hair feeling greasier or flatter than usual. 

I bought the fashion tape to use with this wrap dress I have that gapes far too much in the front. These are really handy (portable tin) and they work great. I've tried using plain double sided tape before and I've always ended up re-adjusting them several times during the day when they come loose, which always keeps me feeling self-conscious. These babies stick on and do not budge all day. I don't even have to think about it. But then at the end of the day they peel off easily. A couple times I forgot to take the tape off when I washed the dress, but the tape came off after with no residue or stickiness. I would buy these again, but this tin holds 30 so they will last me awhile.

The eyeliner set is great-all perfect colors for fall and my green eyes. They're nicely pigmented and long-lasting on my lash line. I had hoped to be able to use them for my waterline, but they are just too creamy for that and I blink the liner off before it can dry. 

A very successful haul here, it was great to be able to pick up some new products at such a great price!

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