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It's been far too long since I've bought from Fyrinnae, or any indie makeup company in general, really! I hadn't bought for over a year because I just have so much eyeshadow, a lot I rarely if ever use, and I just couldn't justify it. But they have been releasing some extra purty stuff lately so I bit the bullet and put in a small order. I hadn't even ordered before they reformulated, and I really noticed a positive improvement! Some of the shades have an odd, more cohesive, semi-solid quality that causes them to "ball-up." It's weird looking but nothing to be alarmed by! Maybe it's just the types I bought, but I noticed it was easier to apply these shades (less super careful patting) and there was less fall-out than with my old ones.

Here's what I got:
(Picture Heavy)

Left to Right: Debonair (freebie), It's Beautifies!, Titania's Bottom, Snow Leopard, Bawdy Librarian. Second Row: Pixie Epoxy, Sexy Nerd, Meloncholy, Chickadee, Nordic Angel Blush, Sunkissed Finishing Powder

Bright purple with pinky/bronze shimmer. Had a tendency to photograph as more periwinkle than it actually is.

Good all-purpose sparkly warm bronze brown. And the name!

Bright, sparkly molten gold. Like buried treasure.

Dark taupe/brown. A little bit of a silver sheen. This is one I had before that I was almost out of. My old one is quite different, warmer and with a stronger rose hue. See below:

Quick swatch inside on bare skin, with flash.  Old Snow Leopard on top, new one below. I do personally prefer the old one.
Not matte like it appears here,  it's metallic and shimmery! My new go-to shade! Soft, gleaming, subtle bronze. Functions as a neutral for me. Reminds me a little of Heat from BFTE.

Nordic Angel is a bright peachy/pink. You only need the tiniest speck to apply, it's REALLY pigmented. Sunkissed has no tint, but a very faint gold shimmer to it.

Chickadee, Sexy Nerd, Meloncholy

Taken outisde over bare skin, no flash. Nordic Angel, Bawdy Librarian, Titania's Bottom, It Beautifies!, Snow Leopard, Debonair

Since this post is so pic-heavy I'm going to do a separate post with some LOTDs and some swatches of the lip lustres. I'll be back soon with those!

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