Solstice Scents: Summer 2014


A very late summer review for you all today! Solstice Scents had their summer release recently, and I picked up a few things. Not too much, as the brain is slowly and somewhat reluctantly switching over into fall mode. Not enough to be hitting the pumpkin lattes hard, but at least looking forward to seeing the first leaves of the season change.

I got a new Tenebrous Mist perfume and ganache (haven't seen TM in ganache before so I had to pick it up while I could). Tenebrous Mist is one of my all time favorite indie scents in general and I just finished my first bottle, so a refill was definitely in order. I got a glace in Coquina, as my Tropical Moon glace is running out, and I am kind of over that one. 

I also got samples in three new summer scents: Old Havana, Sun-Warmed Honey, and Heat of the Night.

Old Havana

Tobacco, Woods, Spices, Sea Mist, Lime

This makes me think of walking through an exotic, bustling outdoor market alongside the ocean. Dream market, of course, nothing experienced in real life. Brushing past dashing, mysterious strangers. Spices for sale, delicate hints of sea mist on the breeze. Cool, refreshing drinks. It's got a masculine edge to it but that's never stopped me. I think ladies can wear this with no problem. I get tangy lime, saltwater, smooth woods, and some smokey tobacco mostly. I've tried layering this with Tenebrous Mist and they mesh very nicely together. It might also go with other aquatics: Hand of Darkness, maybe Harpy from Darling Clandestine or Picaroon from Haus of Gloi? It's got that kind of feel to it, but the tobacco makes it more rugged than a straight-up beachy scent. 

Sun-Warmed Honey
Honey, Apricot, Strawberry, Chamomile, Kunzea, 
Ginger, Orange Blossom

I knew this would be a tricky one for me- all those fruity notes, and strawberry especially can smell fake or bitter on me so easily. I don't get any of that, thank goodness, but it is really sweet. Kind of cutesy. What keeps it from going overboard is the herbal, almost hay-like Chamomile. It reminds me almost of the dried Sweet Annie in Witch's Cottage, so it's a really fascinating addition and saves the blend from being way too much for me. It actually does smell sun-soaked, warm and syrupy. The honey is nice, but I admit after first applying it goes "URP" on me and veers into the dreaded honey= cat pee territory. Then it softens and goes back into darling, sweet, and precocious honey land. I will use up my sample of this as I can envision being in the mood occasionally, but it's not really a "me" scent.

Heat of the Night
Vanilla, Mango, Coconut, Orange, Sandalwood, Amber, Orange Blossom, Edge of the Night Base

This is the last offering in the Night series, and my second favorite, after the original Edge of the Night. I love, love, love that one but for some reason I've just been nursing my samples of it for the longest time. It's potent and long lasting so somehow it's just lasted using a drop or two at a time. But I really need to get a full size of it. Heat of the Night on cold sniff reminds me a lot of Coquina, only a little more drinkable with the extra fruits and more creamy with the vanilla. Then the dry down is similar to Edge of the Night, but softer and a little more muted. Not as intense. I would love to have a full size of this, but for budget's sake, I may just get Edge of the Night like I already planned and layer it with Coquina to get something in the same ballpark. Heat of the Night is described as being a really great for summer nights, being a humid, incense-laden scent. For me though, it has tenacity but the sillage is well controlled. I've worn it to work and felt comfortable, and I'm always nervous about my scents being overpowering. But, it does feel more summery, so right now I think I do want to focus on just getting the original, since it feels timeless and less defined by the seasons. Then, maybe next summer when HOTN could get more mileage, I'll re-evaluate. 

My order also came with a new edition of the Foxcroft Bulletin. I've said it before but here it is again: I adore these! They are so imaginative and show so much care and effort that goes into creating this little Solstice Scents world. Packaging and branding isn't everything and can't save a bad product, but a cohesive style and that attention to fun little details, when done right, is such a magical thing!


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