Some LOTDs Featuring Fyrinnae Eyeshadows and Lip Lustres


Today I've got three simple, everyday LOTDs I've done in the past month with my recent Fyrinnae haul, discussed HEREI'm sorry the quality of these is a little erratic, the lighting these days was not consistent or cooperating with me so I tried to adjust them to most accurately display the colors.

For LOTD #1 I used Titania's Bottom on my lid and Bawdy Librarian in my crease, and a little bit of the Sunkissed finishing powder as a highlight. This powder has no tint, but just the faintest gold gleam to it in the jar. It's really subtle, not something that will actually show up on your skin. I also tried out the Nordic Angel Blush and on my lips is Meloncholy lip lustre. I love this color and have already ordered a full size. I'm a sucker for coral.

For  LOTD #2 I used Debonair on my lid and Snow Leopard in my crease, along with Sexy Nerd lip lustre. Sexy Nerd is gorgeous, magenta with gold shimmer. I will use my mini up, but it's too intense for me personally to wear everyday (and it stains) so it will take me a while to get through it. But when I want to feel extra sassy, I'll be reaching for this baby.

 LOTD #3 consists of It Beautifies! on my lid and Bawdy Librarian in my crease. My regular highlight has been Bubbly from BFTE lately. I adore It Beautifies! so much and have been wearing it pretty much non-stop since I got it. It will go swimmingly with all your autumn golds, coppers, olive greens, and browns. I used Chickadee lip lustre here and I was surprised to like it. Pale lip colors (and orangey ones at that) usually look terrible on me and wash me out, but applied lightly I think it looks nice, kind of like a creamsicle. It can be built up to a more opaque level but I prefer a soft touch with this.

That's all for today, have a great day all!

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