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I have been off work for part of this week, which has been lovely. G and I are celebrating our 12th anniversary this weekend and one of the neat things we've been able to do was attend a Pearl Jam concert on Wednesday, and I thought I would share my makeup and outfit with you, along with a few pics from the show. Our friend J was kind enough to gift us tickets, not necessarily for our anniversary or any real reason, he just thought it was a show we needed to see. How cool is that? He's a good dude.

I've always liked Pearl Jam well enough, and know the hits for the most part. Though I did spend a couple years as a child thinking the line was "can't find a butterman." Which makes no sense. What the hell is a butterman? Like a guy that delivers butter instead of milk? Ok, maybe that should totally be a thing. I digress..Eddie Vedder did all the songs for my all-time favorite soundtrack, Into the Wild, but I've never been a well versed superfan. G, on the other had, has already seen them twice, one time in 1992, he was in high school..and  I was 11. And also unlike G, I haven't been to a ton of concerts, let alone big arena shows (oh goodie, massive crowds), so this was an experience for me! Luckily my anxiety stayed at bay and we had a great time.

Anyway, here's my face!

On my lid I wore Fyrinnae's On Wings of Silk, applied very carefully over Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Pixie Epoxy. I figured this would be a good day to test drive this shadow out and about, since I wouldn't mind if it got a little lived in and glitterbombish. I used Bare Escentuals Queen Tiffany in my crease, and Fyrinnae's Innocent Sorrow as a highlight. I applied their Bawdy Librarian wet as a liner. I used their Nordic Angel blush and Meloncholy Lip Lustre as well.

I love the following shot because it seriously makes my lids look I used either flash or am holding up a candle to my eye. Nope, neither. This is inside, no flash. Those two colors are actually both On Wings of Silk, so you can really see the shift.

 Another view, a little more gold in this shot:

And here is my outfit:

The pants are my trusty wine colored cord jeggings I got from Maurices last year and the blouse is from Forever21. The boots I found in the back of my closet and had no idea I still had or where I got them. The bag is one I bought like 5 years ago from Baba Studio on Etsy, and they are still there if you want to check them out. I don't actually use it that much since I need a bigger bag for everyday use, but I didn't want to carry my regular purse into the venue. I also don't want to use it that much honestly because it's so beautiful and I don't want to tear it up, as I am rough on bags! It's very well made and the back is the most gorgeous silky teal fabric. For my perfume of the day I went with Solstice Scents' Jack and the Devil. I wanted a workhorse scent that would last the night without reapplying, one would make me feel totally invincible and supremely rock and roll even though I'm rarely either.

And here are a few shots from the show! Our seats weren't that great (behind stage) but they were definitely still not cheap! Eddie was inclusive and turned around and played a couple numbers for us, and they had big screens so we could see them more easily. They even did a song from Into the Wild, which I wasn't expecting so that made me extra happy. They played for three hours straight (this was the first show of their new tour) which was amazing to me. I can't imagine having the energy to sing and play and be on point for that long! The fourth one down is funny, that big blur is Eddie beating the crap out of his guitar.

All in all, we had a terrific time and I am really glad I got the opportunity to see them live!

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