Perfect for Fall Fyrinnae Haul

It is officially fall up in my neck of the woods. A perfect day for Solstice Scents' Foxcroft and Darling Clandestine's Vardogr (which I like to layer on moody, blustery, rainy autumn days). I got a small Fyrinnae haul recently that also seems to evoke autumn very well. I didn't intentionally order them as such, but they make a splendid autumn palette.
I bought a full size of Meloncholy lip lustre, a mini lustre in Last Kiss, and shadow minis in Dreamwoven Luxuries, Innocent Sorrow, and On Wings of Silk. I got a freebie in All Hallows Eve.

On Wings of Silk and Dreamwoven Luxuries are from their newer Exquisites line of Arcane Magic shadows, and are meant to have a more noticeable, dramatic color shift. I think these two come through on that claim with, er, flying colors.

Check out the following two sets of pictures:

They are the same two shadows!

 On Wings of Silk is on the left and Dreamwoven Luxuries is on the right. When I hold On Wings of Silk up high, it shifts from a pinky, sparkly bronze to a more gold toned color. It is a gorgeous, "lit from within" color and really benefits from a sticky base like Pixie Epoxy because I personally had some trouble with fallout. Even with the PE, after a few hours I get a magically light smattering of sparkle dust. Not a lot, but enough to be mildly annoying. But this one has one of the most noticeable shifts of the Arcanes I've tried. Sometimes I can see them when I swatch them, but they don't show up on my eyes. With these, when I move I can clearly see that shift from pinky bronze to gold. It's very cool! 

 Dreamwoven Luxuries shifts from a taupey purple with multicolored sparkles to a sparkly olive green/gold color. This is a good color to wear alone or with a really subtle/ neutral crease color because it is so complex, it steals the show and needs little accoutrement.

Dreamwoven Luxuries, On Wings of Silk, All Hallows Eve, Innocent Sorrow

All Hallows Eve is a perfect rusty pumpkin spice shade. I thought it might be too orange for me, but it's a burnt coppery orange that works nicely as a crease color.

On Wings of Silk: so much sparkly gorgeousness. Use your Pixie Epoxy!

Dreamwoven Luxuries: more complex than it looks

Innocent Sorrow: Wonderful pale, warm golden ivory with a slight green sparkle. I use this as a  lid shade  for everyday looks and it doubles as a great highlight shade too.

I'm working on some looks with these and will be posting them shortly. Have a great day all!

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