Pumpkin Everything: LOTD and Autumn Shenanigans


For our 12th anniversary a few weeks ago G and I went to a Pumpkin Festival at 
Young's Jersey Dairy. It's a working dairy farm that sells ice cream, cheese, and has lots of animals to see and special seasonal events. The Pumpkin Festival is one of their most popular. The weather was unseasonably cold and drizzly that day, but it was still packed to the gills.

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For my makeup that day I went with a pumpkin inspired look, of course. I did something a little different and went with an earthy, bronze-y look on my lid but did a brighter green liner. Because every pumpkin needs a stem and some leaves.

On my lid I used Fyrinnae's It Beautifies!, with a little All Hallows Eve in the outer corner. In the crease I used Bawdy Librarian, and Innocent Sorrow as a highlighter. I used Lucky Charmed applied wet as a liner.

I used Fyrinnae's Nordic Angel blush and their Last Kiss lip lustre, which is red with a slight orange tone, with golden shimmer. Very pumpkiny!

And off we go to the festival! Pumpkins abound.

Pumpkins, pumpkins as far as the eye could see...

They had wagon rides to a pumpkin patch, but it was way too cold and rainy, so we passed on that.

Here I am, looking uncomfortably cold and windswept with a really large pumpkin.

Behind me is the goat pen were you can buy feed from a vending machine to feed them. Slobbery and fun!

We went inside to get some ice cream. Mostly young high school kids work there, and they employ a gaggle of them. Seriously, to handle the line there are always a ton of
scoopers crowded behind the counter. Today there was also a cow.

We went all romantic (ok, it was also economical) and shared a big sundae in a waffle bowl, and it was plenty for both of us. What flavor, you ask?

I'll give you one guess.

If you guessed pumpkin, you win a fruit cup for mad observational skillz.

Outside they had a tent set up with more autumnal delicacies: apple cider,caramel apples, pumpkin cookies,and pumpkin and sweet potato breads.

They were also making fresh pumpkin spice doughnut holes!
Look at that big vat of fried goodness!

And this young whippersnapper coated those doughnuts in cinnamon and sugar like a boss. They were so, so insanely good. 

We had a great time and I think we've established a new autumn tradition!

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