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Today I've got a sample order from Sugar and Spite to share with you all!
Look at that cute little parcel!

I bought a soap in the scent Forever as Now, and sample vials of The Whispering Woods, Annabelle, She Stole the Blush, Meadow, Sparrow, and got a freebie of Apple Sugar.

I've been down with bronchitis for the past week and am just now getting back to normal, so I'm going to make these reviews rather quick and dirty, just so I can feel a sense of accomplishment.

The Whispering Woods
Crunchy leaves, damp soil, Incense smoke, a bitter snap of clove, and caramelized brown sugar 

Upon cold sniff all I get with this is a pretty acrid, strong woodsmoke with a hint of caramelization. It reminds me of a custom Haus of Gloi scent I made a while back that contained woodsmoke, caramel, marshmallow, and pumpkin, and I asked for way too high a percentage of woodsmoke. The dry down loosens the blend up and it smells pretty much like everything in the description, but the woodsmoke is still more intense than I'd like ideally. It's more of a fall blend to me, as well.

White Carnation, Clove, Sandalwood

This is a scent brought back from The Morbid the Merrier. I had a sample of it once years ago and could have sworn it had a honey note too, but I could be wrong. I like Lysa's carnation note a lot-especially in Mala Suerte (a limited edition that contained carnation, musk, and amber),and I think I prefer that one to Annabelle. I miss the honey note (imaginary or otherwise), and without it I find Annabelle a solid scent for carnation lovers, but it's too similar to other scents I already have to need more of.

She Stole the Blush
Raw honey, black pepper, beeswax, and sandalwood

Hmm, this one was originally a soap and I suspect it probably shines best in that format. I just get a hefty dose of beeswax and honey in this, and it's a little cloying. Maybe this is where the honey in Annabelle went! G rarely hates scents I wear, and this one he literally demanded I wash off. It was quite dramatic. If I recall correctly, he also didn't like Sweet Anthem's Joan on me either(beeswax, coriander, peony, tomato leaf, white mint) so maybe he just hates beeswax or maybe I amp it to an unpleasant degree. YMMV.

Fields of green, green grass, and a hint of sweet soil

Looking for a straight up grass scent? This is grass. Green, sharp, fresh. It would almost be a single note if not for the faint hint of earth once the grass note finally fades (and it takes a while on me, it's potent). This was also originally a soap, and again, this may be useful for layering, but it's just too sharp for me to wear on its own. I think in a wash off product it would be lovely though, it's quite realistic.

Green melon, coconut shreds. ozone, white lily, amber and sandalwood

This is a major departure from Lysa's usual scent style- I have never, not ever, seen "melon" listed as one of her notes. But she wanted to do something different and off the beaten path for spring, and I actually really like this. It's not reinventing the wheel, but it's pleasant and pretty, and the sample I've used the most of. Cold sniff reminds me of a blend of some discontinued Bath and Body Works scents like Coconut Lime Verbena and Violet Lily Sky, and the dry down makes me think of Darling Clandestine's Small Saga. It's springy/summery without being super tropical, even with the coconut and melon. This is just a fresh, wearable, easy-going scent to me. For when you want a little something, but not too much.

Apple Sugar
Delicious, juicy apples and a heaping spoonful of pure sugar. Wonderfully sweet, yet somehow all grown up.

This is sweet, sweet apple. That's about it. I'm guessing if you like "sugar" type scents       (Sixteen92's Black Sugar, Aquolina Pink Sugar, etc.) you will like this. 

Forever as Now
Lavender, Tonka, French vanilla, sandalwood, Egyptian musk

Oddly enough, this is my favorite scent along with Sparrow. It's a smooth, relaxing, delicately sweet lavender, and a little something else which adds some depth, which must be the Egyptian Musk. Lysa's soaps are really beautiful too-this one is purple with pale creamy swirls and mica shimmer. It reminds me of a vintage marble top dressing table, and smells like something a classy Victorian lady might wear. I am not a huge lavender fan (I like it but never intentionally seek scents out containing it) but I would really like this as a sleepy-time lotion. I think it would be perfect before bed.

Just to let you know, soon after I got this order, Lysa decided to suspend with samples and instead lowered her full size bottle price from $13.00 to $10.50. It's a little more of a gamble, true, but if you have a good feeling about a scent, for an 8ml dropper bottle, that's a really good deal.

And finally, just because, here's a picture of Maisy taking a sunbath, basking in her own magnificence.

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