I'm amassing quite a collection of wax, it seems. I may even get through the summer without having to buy any candles at Bath and Body Works or Yankee, and that's saying something. But despite not really needing any more wax, the collections that Lysa from Sugar and Spite has been releasing lately are just too much fun to resist. Seriously, I've gotten a lot of impressive packages from a number of indie companies over the years, and I should probably be desensitized by now to the artistry and care so often put into their work, but this one maybe, just maybe, takes the cake.

This collection, based on classic horror films, was not a pre-order.I ordered on April 11th, and received it on April 15th. Super fast TAT! The collection included eight 2 ounce cups of wax, and cost $16.00. Each scent was a different color with various unique "garnishes" that often brought to mind the movie it was referencing, which made it all just a generally colorful and fun package to open. 

This is the bag the goods came in:

When I lifted this up and realized the tie was a noose, I knew I was in for a treat. How cool is that?

What horror collection would be complete without postcards all the way from snowy Sidewinder or the Bates Motel?

These are totally going on our fridge.

I also got a menu of all the scents and I had also ordered a soap in Ah, Miss, which smells like refreshing tea with just a hint of floral. Sugar and Spite has really great tea notes! 

I got two sample shots from a potential future release. She was thinking of doing a New Wave collection, but online polling instead led to the new collection being Villains. She Bop is super sweet and cutesy- kind of a Pink Sugar type smell. Lips like Sugar smells like buttermints to me.

And here's the Horror Collection!

I would say my favorites from this collection are Thorn, Overlook, Candyman, and His Father's Eyes, though I didn't dislike any of them. Thorn I got as a sample in my last order and liked the cold sniff-but wow, it really bloomed on melting! G remarked that "this place has never smelled better" when I melted that one,which is good I guess! It looks super cool, with a wax skull looking up at you when you open it.

 Overlook has a kind of chilly musk vibe, sort of like Solstice Scents Snowshoe Pass, and it's neat that the bottom white layer has little red drops of "blood." Candyman is sweet and rich honey with sprinkles and lavender buds, and His Father's Eyes is a delicate, soft lavender with hints of vanilla and even what appear to be mini marshmallows. I haven't melted them all but while the smells don't necessarily morph much, they do bloom when melted and you can get more of the nuances. London is a rugged, more "masculine" scent-a little smoky. Pennywise, I can now pick up on lemon and honeysuckle, though I understand why I initially thought it was a tutti frutti bubblegum type scent. The ones that are more muted to me in the cups, Mr. bates and Evil Ed, I suspect may improve and reveal their true colors with a little more cure time and upon melting. 

This collection is currently sold out and  I'm not sure at this time when/if some or all of the scents will return. The next collection is Villains and includes one of my personal faves, Jareth the Goblin King. This is nostalgic for me as Labyrinth was the very first movie I ever remember seeing in a movie theater at the tender age of 5, and I remember crying and wanting to leave because the fire guys scared me. I stuck it out though to the end and it became one of my all time favorite movies. My childhood friends and I may have worn out our VHS copy when freeze-framing certain moments in order to fully appreciate the bounty contained within Jareth's super snazzy gray pants. 

Here is the scent lineup and a LINK to the preorder (which will only be active for a few days as of today, April 22nd).

Maleficent - Jam, swimming with overripe blackberries and currants, tea, butter cookies, patchouli and sinister florals.

Ursula - Ice cold waves, ocean floor, kelp, orange blossom and driftwood

Hook - Black leather, sandalwood, creamy pumpkin, and vanilla pods

Jareth - Black cedar, vanilla bean, aged patchouli, teakwood, and a delicious drop of candy apple.

The Joker - A ridiculous blend of sweet amber, vanilla ice cream, pumpkin pecan waffles, day lilies and lemon balm

De Vil - Dragons blood, toasty marshmallow, sweet cream and spice.

Scar - Blueberry orange muffins drizzled with fig syrup and an afterthought of wood smoke

The Evil Queen - Shiny red apple, dark chocolate, sprinkled with pink and blue sugars.

To me, one of the best smells in the world is rain-drenched earth. That electric, heavy smell in the air when everything feels vibrantly, unabashedly alive. I'm always on the look out for scents that claim to bottle that amazing scent. Sixteen92 is definitely one of my favorite newer indie perfumeries, and their limited edition (and sadly, now sold-out) scent, Supercell, was on my must-buy list. I feel a little bad reviewing scents that may not return, but hope does spring eternal, so on with the review!

This scent is intended to be an atmospheric, sensory journey through the course of a thunderstorm: the unsettled air, grass, the wind, damp florals, soaked broken branches, the whole experience. You might not think such a scent could be wearable, but I found it to be easily so, and most interestingly, found that each stage that owner Claire outlines are distinct and detectable.

☾ The Calm Before (Top Notes) ☽
Electric ozone, sharp green grasses, asphalt

☾ The Storm (Middle Notes) ☽

Petrichor, windblown hay, damp florals

☾ The Aftermath (Base Notes) ☽

Crushed stems, soaked earth, cracked branches

The first thing I smell is a sharp, almost peppery grassy scent, with hints of cool stone. It does feel unsettled- on the precipice of something big! I'm reminded of some of Darling Clandestine's super green scents- Fisticuffs, Curiosities' Ball, La La La All Right, among others. I'm also reminded of one of my favorite green, earthy, Sweet Anthem scents, Walden, with notes of Petit Grain, White Pepper, Vintage Florals, Ambergris, and Oakmoss. If you like such green scents, this is one for you.

After a few moments I get more wetness and earth, which must be the petrichor. This does morph quickly for me. Most Sixteen92 scents don't last a very long time on me, but I believe Claire is changing her carrier oil formula to increase longevity. There is a freshness to it, and an unexpected lightness. The floral notes go a long way in making this a wearable scent. There is nothing identifiable really, no particular flower, just a sense of a garden being windswept and ravaged by rain. The drydown is more grounded in woodsy notes, a little green and wet still, but more tranquil and skin-hugging. This makes me think of scents like Solstice Scents Hand of Darkness, which utilizes an interesting contrast between murky, dank wet note and warm wood uplifted by a tangy lime note rather than florals- the calm after the storm.

I've worn this on stormy,rainy days, and while it's not an exact replica of my area's weather, it is wonderfully evocative and it is probably the closest I've found to really bringing to life that wet earth and ozone smell. 

For a small consolation prize since Supercell is not available, here is another Sixteen92 scent that I am loving this spring, and it IS still available: The Grass Harp. This is just the happiest scent to me, and perfectly embodies spring. It makes me think of cute pudgy puppies rolling down verdant, clover-covered hills, soaking in sunshine. In more literal terms, it's super fresh and intensely orange blossom without being actually orange-y, or worse, turning into bitter baby aspirin. This is the floral orange blossom I love, combined with grassy notes and hints of green, spicy herbals.

☾ Notes: ☽
Orange blossom, clover, hyacinth, ruby red grapefruit, sweet basil

Grapefruit is one of my least favorite notes, but it's not really detectable on its own- it's just adding to the bright, invigorating quality of the blend, maybe adding a hint of tartness but nothing too strong. Without any heavy base notes that I can see, this one wears closer to the skin and only lasts maybe a couple hours on me, but I don't mind reapplying. I have seen this one described as both hotel soap and cleaning products, but to me this is just all spring, all the time. 

Sorry for the radio silence lately. Things have improved since my last post. Oddly enough though, on the day of my aunt's funeral, our computer totally crashed. Now, the timing of this was good and bad. Good because we had already been planning on getting a new one and actually had the funds to do so with my tax refund. Bad because I was planning on getting a new PC in a couple weeks, once I'd had time to back up a bunch of pictures, music, etc. that I had been woefully negligent in maintaining properly. So because it decided to check out a week early, I lost a lot of stuff. I certainly learned my lesson! Now our new computer has arrived and I can get back to blogging.

Last month I participated in a wax melt pre-buy from Sugar and Spite. A regular TAT doesn't really apply here as it was a pre-buy. The owner, Lysa, had to order supplies, receive them, make the melts, and moved house at the same time. All in all the process took about a month. These were worth the wait!

I bought three 4 ounce bags of wax at $4.50 each, and received two shot-size samples free from what I believe is an upcoming release. When G got my package for me from the mailbox, he declared it "the best smelling package ever." And it did smell amazing!

These were packaged so nicely with wax seals, a cute fortune card, and labels with the notes and the pour dates listed, which I found handy. You could let these cure for two weeks from the pour date, but mine smelled plenty strong and nuanced a week in.

My first bar was in a bar soap shape, which was sturdy and held up perfectly in transit. This format is probably the prettiest for gift giving. Fortune (blood orange and amber) smells just like those things. It's a deeper, richer creamsicle, with a little bit of the tart raspberry notes that make blood oranges my pick for the sexiest fruit ever. I haven't melted this one yet but I will probably need a knife to cut into into chunks, it's too tough for me to break by hand.

OMG. The Prophetess (fluffy white cake, clotted cream, white musk, candied lemon slices and a wee dollop of raspberry jam) is my favorite, I think. It smells a helluva like Haus of Gloi's Beguiled, the scent I loved so much that I created a recipe a few years ago to simulate it. I actually made my Beguiled cake for Easter with G's family Sunday, and it went over very well!

Anyway, these melts came in thinner bars,  with a white "glaze" on top with glitter. They are more fragile and got a little broken up in the bag. I'm not sure which format I like better, maybe Lysa is still experimenting with it.

This one I have melted a few times already, and it's wonderful. Exactly like the description. It's potent and the scent fills our living room easily, even after three meltings. I like wax to be strongly scented, and these are. I've noticed these melt clean and true even after multiple meltings, and the scent lasts longer than other commercial wax melts I've tried. I don't get any weird, waxy base scent from these at all.

The last scent I ordered was Destiny (hot baked bread, caramelized pralines, coconut shreds, and a steaming cup of black tea.) This is just a nutty, rich, sweet bakery type scent with a hint of smokiness, which I'm guessing is the tea. I've never reviewed wax scents before, it's different because what you see (smell) is pretty much what you get; there's no dry down, no morphing, no changes due to body chemistry. From what I've tried so far, the scent in the solid bar smells the same as the melted wax.

Finally, regarding these two wee fellows, I have no idea what the notes are. These are from an upcoming release and the notes haven't been posted yet. I'm going to guess, and I'm betting I'm going to be way off. I'll update this post with the notes once they're released. Pennywise smells sweet, sort of like cotton candy or tutti frutti/ bubblegum, which I normally don't care for but there's something else there keeping it from being cloying. The only hint I have that I might be on track with this is the name, Pennywise, which means it's just got to be some sort of evil clown scent, right? Thorn is even more tricky. I want to say it's deep, sweet, and woodsy. Maybe a type of berry in there? There's something floral that reminds me of a freesia body wash I had a long time ago. I'm going to laugh when the notes are listed and I'm sure it will be totally obvious then what they're supposed to be!

EDIT: Just as I suspected!

 Pennywise - It (1990) Boozy buttered rum, toasted marshmallows, lemon gumdrops, and honeysuckle blooms. We all float down here.

Thorn - The Omen (1976) Warm zucchini bread, dead wood, maple, and tonka bean.

If you're interested in indie wax, I highly recommend trying these! 
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