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In April I had been bitten by the DIY bug and G and I spent some time in antique stores where I was looking for inspiration for some upcycling and home decor projects. When we moved into our apartment I was really into country primitive style. While I still like it, I've been hankering for a literal fresh start, with cooler, brighter colors. I love seafoam and coral and have been gravitating towards that color scheme. G has been groaning every time I bring home something that's seafoam or any variation on the theme. Even teal and turquoise cannot escape his disdain, it's all seafoam to him. I think deep down he likes it, however. He just enjoys giving me crap about it.

Anyway, in one shop I saw this pair of wings, and they immediately called to me. I wasn't thinking cute cherubic angel wings. I was thinking The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon angel wings. They didn't have a price tag so I asked how much they were. The owner called the booth vendor and they said they were just for decoration, but if I really wanted them they would take $60.00. Humph. I liked them a lot, but not quite that much. I figured I could find some online that looked closer to Daryl's wings and maybe distress them myself for less than that. So I passed, and started searching. 

Well, shows what I know. Anything close to what I wanted online was even more expensive than that- I saw some pretty ones on Etsy to the tune of $140.00. NO WAY. So I kept searching and ended up finding what looked like the same wings the Etsy seller painted from Oriental Trading for $40.00 (sadly they appear to be OOS at the moment). So I bought them and used a free shipping code too. But, how to alter them?

I knew I wanted to age them, and possibly give them a green patina. I've created patinas with small copper jewelry pieces but never a large metal piece (of unknown origin) so I researched some more and found THIS. Modern Masters Metal Effects basically allows you to patina any surface and give it an awesome aged look. What you do is paint the surface with the protective primer (what keeps the patina solution from eating through whatever material you use). After that you paint the item with the copper effects paint, which has particles of real copper which will react to the patina solution you spray on, causing the item to get that gorgeous vintage green patina look. 

I bought the materials HERE, and while that did cause my total expenditure to go over the $60.00 of the original wing inspiration, I have lots of patina stuff left for other projects, plus the wings are more unique and personal to us.

So! This is how I did it:

You need the wings, the primer, the copper paint, and the patina solution. You should also have some rubber gloves, a paint brush, a spray bottle for the solution, and some paper towels handy for blotting any excess solution when you spray it on.

This is how the wings looked at the beginning. They are lightweight, with lots of detail. They have two sets of saw tooth hangers for hanging in different directions. I decided to hang them the way Daryl's wings look on his vest.

First, I painted the wings with the primer. It's ugly and reddish-brown, but don't worry. This is just for protection and won't be visible later. I waited a half hour and then gave them another coat. I left them to cure overnight.

The next day, I painted the wings with a coat of the copper paint. I waited a half hour for it to dry, and then painted another coat. While the second coat was still wet, I sprayed on some of the patina solution that I had put in a spray bottle over the wings. I didn't totally saturate every inch, because I wanted some of the copper to still show through. I used paper towels to blot out any obvious splatters or large drops, so it would look more authentic. 

Then, you wait for the magic to happen!
 It takes several minutes for the effect to show up, so be patient.
This is not long after spraying:

After a while, the wings started to get a more powdery, rusty, aged texture to them, and a lovely, heh, seafoam-y color.

I left them to totally dry overnight and then sprayed them with a Rustoleum clear coat. You don't have to do this, but I wanted to make sure everything was sealed.Then I hung them up! I adore them and I'm really pleased with how they turned out. The ones in the shop were quite nice, but there's something so rewarding about an idea in your head coming to fruition by your own hands.

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