First Impressions: Cocoa Pink (and my first video review!)


Hi all! Today I have for you a First Impressions review of Cocoa Pink.
This one is a little different because I attempted to do an actual video review, and I have never done one before. There was so much ground to cover, and in a way I was in the mood for a challenge, and also part of me just didn't feel like writing it all out (lazy girl!)This was serious stuff for an anxious INFJ, talking nonstop for 20-odd minutes is hard, as demonstrated by my copious water consumption.

This is a pretty bare bones, unedited, stream of consciousness review, and while the Mermaid Set I purchased is no longer available, hopefully my descriptions of the actual products will still be useful. I ordered on June 18th, my order was shipped on June 26th while the TAT was 5-10 days, and I received it this past Monday, June 29th. Shipping was around 7 dollars, and I did receive a small refund for overage, which is always a nice surprise. Here is what the package looked like:

In case you aren't interested in listening to me drone on ad infinitum, here is a quick and dirty run-down:

I got the Mermaid Set, which contained:

Coco Mango Body Butter in Paradise Found: Love the formula! Thick, soaks in quickly, not too greasy. Scent is a generally tropical, coconut, beachy scent. Body products tended to be pleasant, but more one-dimensional and one-note than the perfumes.

Shampink (formerly Princess Poo) in Seychelles Island: Sulfate free but still lathers well- will repurchase.

Argan Therapy Creme Conditioner in Beach Bum: Creamy, not too heavy. I keep this focused on my ends and it hasn't weighed my hair down. Scent was fruity/tropical, nothing amazing, but nice enough.

Ends with Argan Benefits in Lorely's Song: Spray leave-in Conditioner, scent was clean/cool, vaguely tropical. Used this as a detangler after swimming and it works nicely for that purpose for me.

Anti-Frizz Styling Serum in Morocco: Deep, warm, potent rose scent. Seems to work well on keeping my fine, sensitive-to-humidity hair under control.

Silky Soft Body Oil Spray in Breakfast on the Beach: gourmand scent-baked goods, vanilla, sort of artificial strawberry, but still yummy. Soaks in quickly, this is an actual oil spray, not a dry oil.

Linen Spray in Bonfire Celebration: Okay, smells more like fresh dryer sheets than any kind of bonfire, celebratory or otherwise. Can be used as a hair or body mist, too.


I ordered three drams of perfume oil (you can choose oil or alcohol as your base):

A Day at the Beach 
White sand castles lace the shoreline, black eyed Susan daisies scatter gingerly among thin blades of dune grass, hints of expensive warmed tanning oil with lashings of creamy coconut milk flow through gentle breezes and the indulgent aroma of smooth Madagascar vanilla beans complete this absolutely perfect day at the beach

 Really lovely beachy tanning oil scent with lots of coconut. Dries down to a musky kind of skin scent. Love layering this with Sun-Kissed Skin.

Wildwood Boardwalk
After a day relaxing in the warm July sun, brisk Atlantic ocean breezes whip gently through the long dune grasses and delicate beach daisies as you step off the hot dry sand onto the worn wooden planks of the boardwalk. The familiar childhood aromas of freshly spun pink and blue cotton candy clouds, jumbo soft pretzels and warm funnel cakes dusted with generous piles of sweet confectioners sugar greet you, quickly awakening your senses

Salty, tangy, yeasty bread note upon cold sniff with an interesting hint of florals and sweet sugary notes. Unusual, and I really like it!

Seaside Picnic
 Airy whipped cream, snow white cake crumbles, cotton candy frosting, aromatic white tea, and coconut limeade tempered with gentle sea breezes

Pretty! Very authentic cotton candy note with an impression of creamy citrus. Not very cakey to me, but fluffy, ethereal, gentle.


 I also requested a few perfume samples and received all three I suggested in alcohol based format. You can choose either perfumes or body product samples at checkout, but not specify both (x scent in y product). The alcohol is not too strong to me and dissipates quickly after applying. I liked both formats and am not sure yet which I prefer.

Thai Red Coconut Tea
Aromatic red clover tea infused with creamy Thai coconut milk, hints of ginger root and a delicate splash of bergamot

Mostly coconut with a refreshing, light hint of tea. Not particularly spicy or gingery.

Sun-Kissed Skin
Deep warm notes combine together to create the romantic essence of clean sun kissed skin at the height of summer. Honeyed golden amber musk, dry myrrh resin lined with rows of sweet orange blossoms, crimson splashes of Spanish cabernet sauvignon complimented with a touch of sweet fennel essential oil.
Beautiful orange blossom, which is one of my favorite notes. Thankfully not bitter. Bright and warm at the same time. Layers nicely with A Day at the Beach.

 Garden State 
Cooled White tea, a sprig of thyme, soft nuances of tree bark, fresh green tomato leaf lightly tinged with fresh earth.

Clean, fresh, herbal. I get a hint of tomato leaf and basil. Dirt note is kind of sharp and metallic at first, but not bad.

 In short- I'm pleasantly surprised. The body product formulas are all good quality though the scents don't always translate as well, and the perfumes had more depth than I expected. Will try them out again!

And here is where I say a lot of words:

First Impressions Review Part 1



                                                                             Part 2

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