Sixteen92: Halloween 2015

Sixteen92 released their Halloween Collection on October 1st, so we are going to pretend I am very timely and seasonally appropriate with my review (even though I've been sitting on it, as a Circle subscriber, for...awhile.) In my defense, it IS indeed more fall-ish since my review of the Fall 2015 collection so I feel more like reviewing these. Let's get to it before I get distracted by something shiny and put it off for another week, shall we?


Tobacco leaf, tonka, crushed cocao pods, aged vanilla, red woods, dried spices

When I first received the package, this one played with my nose in some bizarre ways. I kept smelling strange things like yogurt and tortillas. Something tangy or yeasty or bready or unctuously sweet. Perhaps the tonka and cocoa combo, along with almost syrupy tobacco produced this effect, I can't explain it. Now that is has aged a bit I smell way more cocoa- but it's not quite candy-bar sweet, it's got some woodsiness weaving in and out tempering it and there's the vanilla/hay of the tonka. The yogurt and tortilla first impression has receded thankfully, and I find this much more wearable. Sillage and lasting power is minimal, lingers close to the skin. Not full size worthy but it's nice.

Baba Yaga

Fiery dragon’s blood incense, sweet woodsmoke, dried herbs, dripping candle wax, forest dirt

Yep, this is all the incense. Incense and a little bit of dusty dried herbs and a hint of sweetness. It's got stronger sillage and staying power than many of the others. I like the smell of this in the vial but it gets a little overpowering when I wear it.


Tart cranberry, benzoin, fir needle, dark chocolate, smoldering incense, dry leaves

How is that that I don't have any perfumes with cranberry? This is REALLY excellent. It's got a mostly sweet/bright, and just slightly tart juicy cranberry opening with a well-blended hint of chocolate, and it dries down to a super sexy, woodsy incense blend. This reminds me a little bit of Monarch from Solstice Scents (minus the cranberry)- it's got the unique fir/incense thing going on- and has the same "red" deep, musky vibe. This would be my full size choice for sure.

Morgan Le Fey

Black patchouli, amber resin, vanilla bean, warm gingerbread

This is for the patchouli lovers, as this is BAM! patchouli. It's dry, not terribly sweet to my nose. The gingerbread is not a cute little cut-out man with gum drop buttons, but a deep, dark, dense loaf of cake packed with spices and barely any sugar. It has kick, y'all. And you better like patchouli. You've been warned.

Black Annis

Absinthe, black honey (vegan), raw sugar, balsam, labdanum, crushed fern

This and Hecate get my vote for most unique scents from both fall collections. I don't even like anise all that much (I'm never falling over myself to get the latest absinthe interpretation), but anise like this is an exception! The honey and anise play perfectly with each other- the anise keeping the sweetness in check, the honey mellowing the anise's sharp licorice facets. It's got a subtle green herbal tone as well. It reminds me a little of Solstice Scents Sun Warmed Honey- with that chamomile note which almost salvaged it but was in the end still too cloyingly sweet for me. Black Annis succeeds for me where Sun Warmed Honey did not. This one is complex and just fun to journey with!

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