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Lysa from Sugar and Spite recently moved from California to Salem, Oregon (so jealous!) and the move seems to have inspired LOTS of new creations and a gorgeous new aesthetic. Lysa has always been aces at using vintage ephemera in her artwork in quirky and unexpected ways, and her new lotions, scrubs, and soap labels are no exception. 

After getting settled from her move, she released a line of bath and body products in scents designed to layer well with the various perfumes she offers. The scrubs and lotions were originally released in glass packaging, which was exciting since they're so useful for re-purposing and they just look extra special, in my opinion. I got my hands on a lotion and scrub in the glass jars but it looks like shipping them was cost prohibitive, so it's back to plastic we go. It was worth a shot!

For my haul I got a body scrub (8 oz) in Sister Witch, a lotion (8 oz) in The Bee Queen, and a bar soap in Strangefellow.

Sister Witch
a steamy cup of earl grey tea, wee lavender buds, and sweet milk

I'm normally underwhelmed by lavender (can take or leave it), but not in Lysa's scents. I LOVE her Forever as Now perfume (lavender, tonka, french vanilla, sandalwood, Egyptian musk) especially layered with Haus of Gloi's Cozy Sweater, so I was pretty sure I would like Sister Witch. It's a perfectly executed, relaxing, gentle lavender with a hint of tea. I would eventually like this a lotion, because it would be a great bed time scent.

As far as the scrub formula goes, it's a non-foaming moisturizing scrub, but it's not greasy at all. I get virtually no oily residue. It's firm, with a gritty, stable grain that doesn't instantly dissolve. Nothing worse than a wimpy scrub that feels like a waste of time! I normally like foaming scrubs best, but this one is my absolute favorite of the non-foaming variety.

The Bee Queen
  rich honey, horchata, sticky beeswax, and woodsmoke

 This lotion could easily serve as perfume! It is STRONG. Like, all day strong. I don't think I've ever used a more tenacious scented lotion. I've used it on my legs in the morning going to work and when I've come home in the evening I can still catch hints of it. The texture is that of a creamy yogurt. It's a good balance between a heavy butter and a lighter lotion, and it soaks in quickly. The Bee Queen is a potent floral/honey to my nose, and it's a little cloying when I first apply it, but once it settles and the woodsmoke comes out, it's compulsively sniffable. I don't know if I smell any cinnamon or milk, but it is pretty sweet with other notes grounding it. It reminds me a little of the now defunct Honey Tree from Haus of Gloi.

tonka, amber, musk and pepper, with a sugar cookie base

I would probably get more of the nuances of the notes in this if I had the scrub or lotion, in the soap, it smells awesome but a little more muted than I imagine other forms would be. It smells mostly like sweet oatmeal cookies to me. I have never been a big bar soap person but I love Lysa's because they don't leave me feeling too squeaky (which I hate) and they have a lovely, creamy foam. Plus the bars are just pretty to look at, often with swirls of mica or extra garnishes on top. These are hot process soaps and have a neat sparkling "geode" look to them.

And of course my order was full of assorted Halloween goodies- candy, a card, fake vampire teeth, a sticker, and soap and scrub samples. Can't say enough good things about the packaging, it's always a treat to open one of these!

Also, it looks like these have been popular enough that she's released matching perfumes for them, in case you want the whole layering experience.

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  1. The packaging on these is incredible! Also 'Beer of Frankenstein' is the best thing I've read all day.

  2. I am ALWAYS impressed with Lysa's packaging skills, it's like opening a little present :)


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