Hap-hap-happiest Holiday Haul Countdown! Haus of Gloi Yule Reverie


Alright, so I've been hauling pretty hot and heavy lately and I figured in order to get these reviews done in a somewhat timely manner, I'm going to have to be all official and festive about it- hence the "hap-hap-happiest" in the title, and all that jazz. Up to Christmas, I'm going to share as many hauls and other First Impressions reviews as I possibly can. Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where's the Tylenol? 

So first up is my Haus of Gloi Reverie order- it's a little one, and mostly gifts. I got a His Sweater whipped soap and pumpkin butter for G, and bought 3 Gimme Mah Coffee scrubs (one is mine and is in the shower currently, the ones pictured are gifts). I got a Winter Divinity whipped soap and a Peppermint Vanilla lip balm for myself, and received a sample of Spiced Cocoa, I'd been wanting to try that one!

I feel a little evil reviewing some of these as they are mostly Reverie, and no guarantees as to whether they will ever return. But in case they do, here you go!

Gimme Mah Coffee
We'll let the ingredients speak for themselves! Rich coffee butter, shea butter, organic virgin coconut and olive oils are blended together with organic cane sugar and organic fair trade coffee grounds and aloe leaf powder. We lightly scented this decadent scrub with true coffee essential oil and the barest hint of lemon oil to round out and enhance the coffee notes. This will truly awaken you to whatever the day has in store for you!

This is one of those scents that make your eyes roll back in your head, it's so transcendent and realistic, and just utter heaven. It's not bitter, it's well rounded and rich, and very intense. It's chock full of coffee grounds so it is a little messy to use in the shower, but rinsing thoroughly gets rid of it easily enough. It is going to be painful giving these away, but the joy they are sure to elicit will bring its own reward. I wish this would become GC, for reals.

His Sweater
A well worn woolen sweater infused with brisk outdoor air, a hint of incense and clean skin musk. Accompanied by three woods and a root: western red cedar heartwood, hawthorn accord and Japanese hiba with a touch of calamus root.

Cozy Sweater worn by a hipster lumberjack- a little incense, a little plaid, some laced leather hiking boots with warm woolen socks, a shiver of winter air, and a little clean sweat, you know, from chopping down trees in an artful and elegantly graceful manner. I only cold sniffed this as it's a gift for G, but I am eager to smell it on him, as I like it a lot. 

Winter Divinity
Sugary white vanilla divinity with a surprising jolt of peppermint

This is pretty simple- vanilla and mint. It's refreshing and lightly sweet, it's pretty inoffensive and isn't too strong in the jar. I will see how minty it is in the shower, but on cold sniff it's mild and creamy.

Peppermint Vanilla Lip Balm

I adored the Peppermint Sugar Cookie lip balm last year, used it all up, and I got this hoping it would compare though it's missing the cookie element. I'm happy to say it does smell pretty much the same based on memory, maybe more peppermint than any "baked goods" kind of note, but it's a fair substitution.

Spiced Cocoa
Double the warmth, hot cuppa cocoa and mild wintery spices!

This smells a little like Vice minus coffee, and also kind of like Parkin. The chocolate is a bit fake smelling at first, but that's not a terrible thing, I still like this. Occasionally I'll smell it and get a really realistic hot cocoa/creamy marshmallow vibe too. It smells a little like Sixteen92's Mexican Hot Chocolate, but not as nutty smelling to my nose. I think I would like this more as a whipped soap, but I will still use my sample.

Alright, that's all for today! Hope your holiday season, however you choose to celebrate it, is going smoothly and...happily.

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