Thanksgiving LOTD and Noms!


So it's been about a gazillion years since I've done a LOTD. Not sure why that is, but honestly my makeup has been pretty neutral for a while now and not really remarkable, so it seemed silly to bother. But hey! I liked my Thanksgiving face so I remembered to take some pics along with the desserts I made, so here ya go! It's only taken me two weeks to get it posted. Progress?

I recently got my first order from Silk Naturals so most of this look features products I got- I'll do an actual First Impressions post soon.

On my face:

Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation
Revlon Color Stay Concealer in Fair
Silk Naturals Crystal Perfecting Glow
Silk Naturals Sleep In a Jar Extra Light Peach concealer (undereye)
Silk Naturals Perfecting Powder
NYX Baked Blush in Wanderlust
Fyrinnae Meloncholy Lip Lustre

On my eyes:

Coastal Scents Step One Primer
Silk Naturals AKA shadow on lids
basic medium matte brown in crease (using Coastal Scents Revealed 2 pallette)
Silk Naturals Joyful duo (light highlight color)
Ulta Gel Eye Liner Pencil in Bronze
Stila Huge Extreme Mascara

I adore AKA from Silk Naturals! I've been wearing it pretty much every day since I got it- I selected that one for my initial order because it's said to be a dupe for Urban Decay's YDK (which I haven't tried), but I came across a blog comparing that shade to Inglot 154, which is one of my favorites and almost used up, so I decided to take a chance on it. It's not really the same (AKA seems darker, not as frosty/pearlescent with more pink/brown than gold/taupe) , but it's gorgeous. It's an awesome neutral for me, and it wears perfectly. A++

Another thing worth mentioning- I really like the Stila Huge Extreme Mascara, I think I got it in a Birchbox. It lengthens and thickens my lashes really well- but sadly it smears a lot during the day and I end up with smudges under my eyes. So that's the only thing keeping me from getting a full size of that one.

And finally for something a lot more fun to look at- my Thanksgiving desserts! I made a pumpkin pie from scratch (crust and all) using Smitten Kitchen's
recipe, and Deb never lets me down. This turned out really well-the trick is cooking the pumpkin on the stovetop before putting in the pie crust to deepen the flavors and get rid of that lingering raw taste. My crust got a little smushed as I used pie shields to keep it from browning too fast- oh well, it was still delish!

And because Deb never lets me down, I also made her Gingerbread Apple Upside Down Cake, 
and it also turned out yummy. It's a nice mash up of fall apple flavors and Christmasy gingerbread, then all caramelized and gooey. Good times!

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