Obligatory Post-Christmas Post!


Hope you all had a great holiday season and New Year! I had a pretty good one, and on New Year's Eve G and I went to our favorite Thai place and went to see a movie, Room. I've been wanting to see it for months and it finally came to the small arty theater in our area, and it was so. so. good. If you can, see it. Anyway, it's time for my post in which I document all the baked goods I made for the holiday season.

First up- I made THESE sugar cookies and made royal icing as well. I am not even a huge sugar cookie fan but these were quite good, they have almond and vanilla extracts, and lemon zest, so they don't taste as boring as sugar cookies sometimes can. I had all these big plans for more elaborate decorations for the cookies, involving swirling different colored icings together with toothpicks-and that so didn't happen. I had to accept that border and flooding icing and sprinkles was as fancy as it was going to get, and they didn't turn out too bad! A little rustic (messy), but charming and tasty enough.

For gifts, I made little cookie parcels as usual- I did all new-to-me projects, and often used Smitten Kitchen's recipes. I tried to do those super cute Christmas Tree meringues, and while very nomtastic,  looked a little sad and droopy, so I called them "Charlie Brown Meringue Trees," so it totally looked intentional. 

I think my favorite things were the chocolate dipped candied orange peels and the toffee walnut cookies. I don't even like walnuts much but these were delish, and also from Smitten Kitchen. I've never made spritz cookies before, but I got a pristine, vintage metal cookie press from my cousin when she was cleaning out my aunt and uncle's house this past spring, and it was nice and nostalgic to use something my uncle (who got the baking gene) must have gotten lots of use from.

I wanted to do a vintage style Christmas "menu" for the goodies, so I found free clip art from The Graphics Fairy and they turned out nicely.

On Christmas morning I made (yes, again) Smitten Kitchen's Gingerbread Waffles. OMG, guys. These are so sweet, with crispy outsides and soft insides, and they don't need any toppings except maybe a pat of butter and sprinkling of powdered sugar just for show. They are SO good. Make them, I implore you.

Finally, a little furniture rehab! My dad found this wood laminate bookcase on the side of the road and it was in good condition, so he picked it up and gave it to me. The laminate was ugly, so I decided to paint it. Now, painting laminate can be wrought with complications (it's not really wood, so paint tends to not stick properly and bubbles up, I've heard), but I didn't have too much trouble. Long story short, I gave it a coat of Zinsser white cover primer in spray format, and then a couple coats of a  sandy beige chalk paint. I used Michael's brand because it was a bit cheaper, but I think I prefer Americana's Chalky paint a bit more, it seems to have better coverage. I used chalky paints to do some stenciling on the back on the bookcase, just for a little color, and then sealed everything with a polycrylic. Maisy likes heights, so she's adopted the top of the bookcase as her own personal perch for looking down upon her kingdom, and since this wasn't a very pricey project I don't mind. 

See that Christmas calendar there? I've had that since I was little and I remember imagining living in that tiny, cozy little house, and playing with the toy mouse that marks the days. I love that thing, and Maisy does too. We caught her on multiple occasions reaching up and grabbing the mouse from its pocket! So maybe she doesn't love it so much as want to destroy it. Anyway, enough chatter for one day. Until next time!

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  1. Wow! All the yummy goodies!! Those sugar cookies look really nice!

  2. Thanks Nadja! It's so nice to see you blogging again too :)


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