Today I feel pretty accomplished- I actually managed to start two perfume blends that I've been thinking about for a while. I recently got an order from Eden Botanicals for my skin oil supplies, and also got some essential oils and absolutes for blending, and I've been itching to use them. It takes a lot of time though, and that has been lacking lately with everything going on. But today while working on laundry, I got two scents started!

I'm still just throwing things at the wall at seeing what sticks and working on a SUPER small scale. I wanted to do a kind of boozy mocha scent for G, and something tropical and bright for me. Everything for these scents was from Eden, so everything is an essential oil, absolute, or Co2. A little more risky and ambitious than using fragrance oils, but I live on the edge.

I have a tiny 5 ml glass beaker, and I basically just used enough drops to reach the 2 ml mark, and once I let them sit for a while, I'll tweak them if need be, then dilute with fractionated coconut oil. The first time I made a couple scents last year, I only made 1 ml of concentrate for each 5 ml perfume, and they ended up being way too faint. Some of my oils are pre-diluted so I needed to take that into account; I feel like I over diluted because I was worried about the oils being too potent or unsafe. And I fussed too much about having certain percentages for top, base, and middle notes. Today I just went with what felt/smelled right, and didn't care about having everything fit a particular formula. Playing is a better way to learn than fretting over things being perfect.

For G's Boozy Mocha, I used:

20 drops Vanilla Bourbon Co2 (30 % dilution-still REALLY strong, smells a little like tobacco-yummy)
16 drops Coffee Co2
15 drops Cocoa Absolute (only soluble in alcohol, so it will have those funky looking lava lamp droplets)
10 drops Tonka Bean Absolute (20% dilution)
5 drops Butter Co2 (smells a little weird at full strength from the bottle, but hoping it will just add a little creaminess/richness with only a few drops. I don't know how to create a whipped cream note so maybe this will suffice!)
2 drops Balsam of Peru (for a touch of fixative, with a deep vanilla, resinous tone for some added dimension)

I totally didn't follow any rules with this, there aren't even any top notes! I hope it ages nicely, it has some potential to smell like a fancy coffee drink that just might make you a little tipsy.

For my tropical scent, I went with:

10 drops Blood Orange essential oil
10 drops Neroli Extra (10 % dilution)
5 drops Ginger Co2
30 drops Coconut Co2- (omg this stuff smells SO good, like fresh, meaty coconut. But it is VERY delicate, so I added a lot so it will hopefully not disappear)
3 drops Sandalwood, Royal Hawaiian (I wanted to use more but I only had a tiny sample and ran out. I used some agarwood to augment it, but maybe later I'll add more).
7 drops Agarwood Co2 (5% dilution)
2 drops Ylang Ylang, Fine (I was going to leave this blend at the agarwood but it smelled primarily of citrus and neroli in the beaker, so I added a couple drops of Ylang for some floral, creamy depth. I think it was a good choice).

They both smell pretty good so far-not reinventing the wheel or anything, but still, not a disaster. Progress!

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