Introducing Willow WaxCraft!

I apologize for neglecting this blog for a WHOLE YEAR! But I swear I have had good reasons. One, my new job at my new library has been a huge adjustment, but I'm happy to say I have indeed adjusted and I am doing surprisingly well at it. We are a large branch and luckily the merging of three separate branch staffs went much more smoothly than I expected- I for the most part LOVE my co-workers and feel very thankful for that. Our jobs are not easy- we are tech help, reference librarians, baby-sitters, customer service representatives, and social workers all rolled into one, and if we didn't have supportive co-workers to lean on, it could have been an awful place to work. But even when things are crazy and stressful, we can still make each other laugh, and that makes a HUGE difference.

And TWO! I have been busy, busy, busy creating my own Etsy business. Yes- all these years immersed in indie has rubbed off on me, and I will soon be opening my own wax melt business, and the name is Willow WaxCraft. I am opening with 26 general catalog scents, and 4 spring/summer seasonals. I will be selling clamshells and scent shot samplers. My focus is creating unique scents that you can't find anywhere else- inspired by nature, books, film, my own experiences, etc. I am not creating fandom collections- my inspirations are not always obvious and you don't have to be a fan to enjoy them, but if you pick up on my references, we shall share a knowing wink and a nod, yes?

Why Willow WaxCraft? Well- I love willow trees-they have an airy, cool mysticism to them, and while I'm not hugely into astrology, my Celtic tree sign is the willow tree, and I've always gravitated more to that symbol than my solar sign of Aries. And WaxCraft because I've always found scent a little magical, especially the power it has to create new and evoke old memories. So, my brand aesthetic is very nature-focused with a hint of magic without being quite witchy, goth, or dark. I wanted Willow WaxCraft to be lighter in style, somewhat serious and perfect for the book-lovers and nerds among us but with hints of whimsy and peculiarity. I aim for a nostalgic yet timeless look, using only vintage public domain art, often from before 1900, for my labels, and they are all carefully researched and chosen to represent the scents well.

My scents range from unique but accessible to those accustomed to traditional candle store scents ( I have an all apple, all the time scent called Walnut Creek Orchard that is a perfect example) to scents that those familiar with indie perfumes may appreciate for being rather strange, mercurial, and nothing at all like what you'd find in stores (my Balm of Gilead scent as an example, is: lipstick (powdery violet, orris, and rose), fresh baked bread, glossy magazine pages, and sweet buttercream). I use a para-soy wax blend that is a dream to work with and melt- it has great scent throw and retention, and pops out of the clamshells, cups, and melters really easily and cleanly.

I am hard at work wrapping up the final details and getting my shop prepared, and I will be opening very soon!

Updates on the shop and a note with the full scent list can be found on my Facebook page HERE!

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